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The Star - Robin Wood Tarot

Are you connecting with your Higher Self? Is your intuition off the charts these days? Did you enjoy your travels through the Lion’s gate? Are you allowing for the balance of the Soul and the Mind, making room for each? I know I have a yes to all of the above. After last weeks transformation with the Death card our higher goals could be a little more in focus. The Star represents the Lodestar or the highest point we can aspire to.

There’s a special calm that’s felt in this card that can only be achieved by reaching the higher plateaus. So in a way it represents the calm after the storm of awakening. Remember the Star is 17 and comes after the Tower #16 in the Tarot. The Tower is revelation or the jarring changes that encourage it. The Star is the peace that comes when we know we’re aligning with our higher selves because of those events.

There are eight stars on the card reminding us of the connection between the Strength and the Star. Both cards relate to a merging or reconciliation of different parts of ourselves.

With Strength we see the calm of the higher self taming the lion of the lower self and our survival instinct. Healing past wounds we find a greater strength of character, courage and stamina. The Star is the Soul connecting with the God Head allowing a deeper sense of wisdom and knowing to lead the way. The same process just on different levels. That’s a good way to work with the Tarot frequently we’ll see similar processes with a different reflection.

Aquarius Rules the Star card and is the 11th house of social causes and visionary thinking. The Full Moon is in Aquarius on Thursday the 15th this week. That’s the day I begin the completion of my front teeth dental implants. Very excited about that!

So as your process continues, go step by step and pay attention to the signs along the way, you’re most certainly being guided. The mountains in the background represent abstract thought or bigger picture kind of thinking and the green grass represents the solid ground of growth that we’ve already achieved. It’s a healthy, bright green so be sure to practice some wonderful self care this week. We’re in the dog days and moving a bit slower is appropriate here.

Similar to the Temperance card of healing and alchemy you’ll notice one foot in the water and one knee on the ground. This represents striking the balance between reality and illusion, what we have and what we want as well as worldly and otherworldly ways of being. The different colored bowls remind me of the pillars in the temple of the High Priestess meaning that light and dark are both a part of life. The ease with which the Woman holds this knowledge while allowing energy to flow is the essence of the Star card. Here we find a bit of Shekinah, a bit of Raphael and a nice dose of Sirius all guiding the way upward inspiring connection with the cosmos while being present in the moment.

If you’re wandering why she’s naked I see it as a show of authenticity and trust in our divinity as well as the earth. It means that we’re already naked, everything is shown and there’s nothing to hide. Life requires a lot of faith and belief. Trusting that our experiences are giving us what we need to grow and learn while heightening our senses we’re given hope in the form of signs, direction and inspiration.

So this week with the Star card find balance and allow yourself to heal and receive the blessings that spring forth from the very waters of life. In time you’ll be the vehicle of blessings for others giving generously, freely and lovingly to all who are open to receiving them.

Have a great week.

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