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Live Not Half of A Life but A Whole One

The 6 of Pentacles - Robin Wood Tarot

The 6 of Pentacles is a card of generosity, kindness, openheartedness and of good, positive flow. When we’re feeling stuck a good perspective to have is wanting to create a flow. A flow is when things are moving like water beginning to move after it’s been dammed up for a while. It speaks of patience, forgiveness, letting go and openness as well as a natural events that occur at the end of a long process.

Personally, I’m nearing the end of a long process with my dental implants. Last August I’d received the news that the two root canals that I’d had done 20 years ago had reached their end. 20 years is a good run so this made sense to me, they were done correctly so they had a long life. What I wasn’t prepared for was the length of the process. I thought 3 months max and I’d have some new chompers to bite through life with. Well that wasn’t the case.

Each time I went for an appt with one of the three talented Dr.’s working on different phases the news seemed to be 3 more months. Then 3 more months. Then 3 more months.

And I fancied myself a patient person! They all seemed to have great patience with me though as I frequently expressed my dis-pleasure at the amount of time this was taking. The overall consensus was ‘If you’d like it done right, so that the implants last the rest of your life, it’s going to take time. Be patient, that’s just how it is.’ And so it is.

They’ve realigned my mouth with invisilign, removed the infected two front teeth and have inserted the titanium rods or actual implants. I’m waiting for the bone to adhere to the titanium and then receive the final crowns.

For those of you familiar with Energy systems the mouth is the Throat Chakra which to me is largely associated with being in touch with your truth, speaking that truth and being able to get to the heart of your truth in life. This is a large part of self-actualizing in being able to speak up for yourself and find your voice. The reason the original root canals had to be performed was due to a trauma that had occurred when I was 8 years old. I fell off of a baby swing that I was standing up on. I’ll spare you most of the truly gory details but I’ll share that the ground was asphalt, I hit face first and that swing was going very fast so there was lots of momentum. Yeah. Ouch.

I remember my not being able to open my mouth for quite a few weeks. Drinking out of straws and eating applesauce and such for what seemed an eternity. The implant process to me is a healing of that trauma and as I see it that’s how opportunities in life are always

opportunities for healing. Through this process I’ve felt truly vulnerable on all levels including financially. Thankfully the universe has reflected a good flow and we’re doing okay on all fronts.

The amount of emotion that was dammed up in those teeth, although my dentist had warned me that I would experience a lot of emotion, was another thing I wasn’t prepared for. I’m in touch with emotions I thought, I’ll be fine. Laugh out loud!!! Really.

Needless to say at times I’d been quite emotional, oddly a lot like an eight year old. This offered me a chance to show my inner child some compassion and the opportunity to express a voice that she’d never had before… to me the one that needs to hear her the most.

I’ve also seen a lot of truths about situations in my life that I was not wanting to notice. Well the blindfolds have been removed and clarity is gained. I released the situations and emotions around them and have much more comfort in my life because I’m not protecting untruths that were just to painful to see.

One-sided situations can be detrimental if there are just too many of them. Part of a good flow is allowing yourself to receive and the honesty behind that is well, you feel very vulnerable doing so.

Especially, if those that you’re receiving from can be thoughtless or even careless. This can require some tough decisions and even more difficult actions. It’s all a personal judgment call and the point is no one else can decide but you.

However, at the end of the day when your flow is restored and your energy in tact you know that your generosity is appreciated and your true self is valued. This leads to an ability to be openhearted and honest with life and others about what you want and especially about WHO YOU ARE. No more pretending to be less than you are, placing others on inappropriate pedestals or allowing them to do that to you. It can work both ways.

So this week when working with the 6 of Pentacles think Flow. Balanced Giving and Receiving. Giving without expecting anything in return is the most openhearted approach I can think of and the most feel-good. However, think about allowing others the pleasure to give to you because you’re able to take it in.

We can ask the Universe for what we need and want and I highly recommend that, but we also have to be courageous and strong enough to accept it, to really let it in when it comes. This is good Flow, good Chi, good Breath.

After all if breath doesn’t come in and out then we’re not really breathing are we? If energy doesn’t flow in and out then we’re not living are we?

Live not half of a life but a whole one.

Have a great week.

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