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The Fool. Ready to take the Leap?

The Fool – Osho Zen Tarot

The Fool is a card of leaps of faith and clean slates. These are major shifts not minor so all the hard work and self-discovery of the past plays an important role. Facing fears and taking risks helps us grow as individuals and summons authenticity from the depths of the unconscious.

We’re here to learn, grow and co-create, this world is our playground and the Fool reminds us of this. The benefit of the shadowy times in life is that we see unconscious fears; hopes and desires rise to the surface to be worked-through so the power behind them may be harnessed in ways for forward movement and progress. We all have a purpose and each one is equally important. The Soul will determine that and the unconscious will either support or challenge this direction.

Facing unconscious fears means we don’t run from our own self-sabotaging tendencies we bring awareness to their presence and see through them. Then we’re free to make decisions with clarity of vision and hope. We have the support of the Universe; after all it does have our backs and the Divine is fully present when you call upon it.

Taking risks to bring forth our best self helps shift destructive people-pleasing tendencies that obstruct our ability to be truly authentic, intimate and comfortable. Opening to new ideas and concepts reminds us that there is so much more to learn and allows us to see the manifesting power of curiosity. Fear of rejection is a powerful force that is healed by acceptance of our true selves, openly and unconditionally and leaping into the great unknown.

Why? Because the old is over and the fresh new energy is making it’s way in. You have a right to be a part of this shift and inserting yourself is most certainly called for here. Bring yourself to the table and eat of its most plentiful bounty. Some you will enjoy some you will not but the days of starving are over.

Yes, life is bigger than we are but if we shift that perspective from fearful to awe inspiring we turn what would normally be a terrifying act of drudgery into a wonderful and beautiful exploration of who we truly are. We then allow the Self the freedom to BE and Do honestly, courageously and confidently. That in turn puts us on the right path, with the right people at the right time. Let the journey begin!

Much Love to You and Yours.

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