Reiki Sessions

Reiki Sessions are available, safely. Masks are worn throughout our session, the space thoroughly cleansed and hand sanitizer is provided upon arrival. If you're not feeling well feel free to reschedule when you know you're covid free. I will do the same for you! 

You can schedule your private 60 or 90-minute in-person Reiki Session with Rebecca at her location in Pittsburgh’s East End or distance sessions via telephone or Skype/Video Chat. 

To schedule your session go to the Online Booking Page. You're welcome to Call (412) 310-0400 or email


60 Minutes – $125

90 Minutes – $150

R & R (Reading and Reiki) Sessions Available!

R & R is a treatment combination of Reading and Reiki. Each session includes a clarifying reading, healing reiki session, revitalizing aromatherapy and a deep sound bowl shift.

There are two options for R&R:

  1. 30 Minute Reading w/ 30 Minute Reiki Session – $150

  2. 45 Minute Reading w/ 45 Minute Reiki session – $160

R & R is for when you simply need to treat yourself to some inspiration and relaxation or while going through profound and deep transformations and awakenings. Either way this provides a healing balm for you body, mind and spirit.

Allow a total of 1 Hour and 30 minutes of your time for session #1 and a total of 2 hours for session #2.


Payment may be made by check, credit card or pay pal prior to reading, or cash or credit card at the time of an in-person session.

Cancellation policy:

If you need to cancel or reschedule your session, please give a 24-hour notice.


Reiki is an alternative, non-invasive, time-honored Japanese healing art that recharges and restores our life-force energy known as Ki. The way this energy is flowing through our body dictates our well-being and mind-body-spirit connection. When it’s flowing freely and undisturbed we feel strong, inspired, creative and vibrant. Happy to be alive we’re more able to live, be and breathe in an organic and exciting yet peaceful way. Stress, trauma, grief, and fear create blocks limiting our access to our full self and therefore we begin to feel depressed, sluggish, apathetic and/or anxious.

This simple and benign energy is applied by the ‘laying of hands’ and seeks to restore balance and flow in the energy field. It easily removes debris that restricts our most precious connection with self and All-That-Is. Reiki promotes lightness, relaxation, and relief from stress and fear, therefore, lowering the amount of inflammation the body is subjected to which is a potent prevention to illness and disease. It also improves your overall quality of life.

Preparing for a Reiki session is easy and just a few simple steps are required.

The first is to drink lots of water prior to and after each session. Water helps gently purify the body of unwanted toxins and assists the healing energy in doing its best work.

The second is setting the intention to release any and all unwanted and unneeded blocks to your ultimate well-being. Clarity about what they are and their meaning in your life prior to their release helps the treatment maintain it’s effectiveness for long-term transformation. This is because they are meant to be lessons for you to learn not punishments to be endured. Applying unconditional love and forgiveness to yourself and others will instantly raise your vibration.

Third, you can ask the assistance of your supportive guides, angels and spirit helpers to be present and help with the relaxation and healing process. They will be happy to provide their powerful and personal healing energies during our session.  The presence of these higher entities during a treatment is profound, uplifting and joyful and most of all effective.

During a treatment, along with the Reiki, I include calming aromatherapy, powerful transformational music and deep sound bowl healings to magnify the energy and assist with clearing and connecting meridians, stimulating right-brain, left-brain balance and cleansing the energy field.

After a treatment, it’s good to give yourself plenty of downtime and tranquility to allow balance to take place and digest any information received from your helpers and myself. You may also feel more invigorated, refreshed and clear or you may experience extreme sadness, anger or feel overly emotional as blocks rise up to be released. This is normal and it’s best to allow yourself to feel your feelings and continue the releasing process without taking impulsive action during those states. Sea salt and Epsom salt baths with essential oils are a wonderful treat after sessions and I highly recommend them.

I believe Reiki is supportive and preventative as well as healing and is to be used in tandem with not instead of professional medical treatments. If you have a serious medical condition please consult a health professional and get the assistance and care you need.