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2 of Swords (R) Relieving Self-Doubt

Are you feeing enthusiastic about new ideas but not acting on them? Do you feel creatively blocked, anxious, dread opening up and struggle to initiate new beginnings in your life? Well you're not alone and let's talk a little about it.  Self-doubt plagues some of the most wonderful people I know, myself included. The key lies in knowing what it is and then gaining the tools to work it through. It can stem from a trauma but I believe that it's part of the survival mechanism within each of us. Self-doubt is something we ALL have to break through. It's part of the learning and growing. 

Most of us have experienced trauma in our lives in one way or another. Maybe we've lost a job, there was childhood abuse or we're going through a divorce or break-up leaving us shak

en and doubting whether we'll be able to open up again. This all has an effect on our nervous system and remains with us until we address it, decide to heal and recommit to ourselves and learn new ways of healing. It's time to recapture confidence and feelings of self-trust again. 

Reiki, Readings, Meditation,Yoga, Walking in Nature, Tapping (EFT), and Creative Self-Expression are some gentle ways to begin to open up and get the energy flowing. They all allow you to reconnect with your Source energy and well-being. Allowing yourself to feel and enjoy your vibrant, powerful and sexy energy again works wonders! Let yourself do it, it's okay. Summoning the courage to take risks again, receiving support and deciding to commit to your whole self is exceptionally effective. With a little time, a lot of patience and commitment you can create that new start you're so deeply wanting.

Much Love to You and Yours! 

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