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2023 - The Chariot: The Year Ahead

Hi Everyone! I hope you're doing well. This is a great time to book your Year Ahead Readings. If you'd like to see what 2023 has in store for you personally Go Here to Schedule.

I've added a 15 - Minute Short & Sweet Reading to my list of services. As it says, short and sweet, for a brief check-in or a one question answer.

Let's get to the written part of what to expect for 2023.

The Year Ahead - 2023 The Chariot - Part 1(Part 2 will be about Lightworkers)

The drive to succeed will be prevalent in 2023. By aligning your light and your dark sides, energy can be harnessed and forward momentum can be gained. It’s a year to cultivate a

destination, choose a vehicle, gather your tools and get in the drivers seat. Begin to set your intentions now toward higher vibrational living.

Then remember that it’s the journey that counts, not the destination. It could be a wild ride, as the

Druid Craft Tarot

past few years have been, so buckle up and stay focused.

This is a year that requires action, movement forward of some kind and lots of discipline.


Balance, Commitment, Focus and Action

In 2023 You could be thinking about new ways to heal, new relationships, new cars, new houses, new jobs, moving, promotions and travel. Next level changes will be fortunate in 2023. If they don’t happen this year than this is the year to prepare the ground for future dreams.

The best choice of partners is more important now than ever. I highly recommend the Baghavad Gita as Spiritual text for this hibernation season prior to setting sail in 2023. With the Divine in your buggy, you can't go wrong.

Remember that Mercury goes Retrograde on December, 13th 2022 and Direct on January 1st, 2023. This will affect your career sector most of all. Build on what brings you freedom from oppression. Retrograde times are fantastic for redoing, reworking and re-evaluating old plans and goals.

The Key to the Chariot is having the willpower to keep your emotions under control by understanding, accepting and healing them. Then keep moving forward, taking action is necessary. We’re definitely moving on from something but knowing what we’re moving towards will provide the most insight.

‘Stay positive and focused and don’t let brief delays hold you back. Keep Moving. Stay in the Drivers Seat.’

A good metaphor for The Chariot is driving. When driving; you’re paying attention to the road

Afro Goddess Tarot

ahead, keeping the destination in mind while using your peripheral vision to help you stay present. You’re aware of what’s going on around you and moving forward simultaneously. Occasionally you look in the rear view mirror to gauge your ability to shift lanes but you don’t drive that way.

‘Stop looking in the rearview mirror, that’s not where your future is.’

Too much aggression will be like the driver that dangerously pushes their way through traffic putting everyone at risk. Not enough assertiveness is like the car on the side of the road with a flat tire, dangerous in and of itself. Stay away from the vehicle while your waiting for help to arrive, if you need it. Other drivers won’t be expecting you to be there.

'Keeping other people in mind and staying in your lane is appropriate to 2023.'

The Chariot reversed is either riding roughshod over others or stopping all together on a busy highway. Accidents can occur and people can get hurt. Neither is a good idea.

Due to the inflammatory nature of humanity right now, choosing your battles wisely is important. Road rage could increase over the coming year, so when in doubt remember that the best offense could be a good defense. Keeping your ego out of minor incidences and not sweating the small stuff keeps peace in your heart and safety in your outer world.

Now, underneath the shiny veneer of the Chariot is the heart of a loving and beautiful Cancerian energy. This is the tender center that sends signals to the rest of the world about your openness, albeit with a bit of armor for protection. Cancerian energy ‘Cares’, is kind, strong and consistent and most of the time welcoming. This is a very healing energy and a wonderful goal for the year. Add some reflection and a little strategy and you can't go wrong.

Cancer’s Animal totem is the Crab. This sign can be known for sticking its head in the sand and sidestepping issues. There’s fancy footwork involved and sometimes that’s helpful and necessary and other times it’s simply avoidance. The strong shell of the crab is another line of defense for this survivor of a crustacean. Allow your heart to guide you toward the spaces that are safe and avoid the spaces that you know cause trouble. Learn from the past and grow a thicker skin if you must.

Either way, getting started now will prepare you for the Strength year coming in 2024 (8).

Strength years are notoriously difficult as the energy tends to poke at unhealed wounds until they’re

dealt with; collectively and individually. I hope 2024 is different, however the way things are

Everyday Witch Tarot

looking it may not be. Prepare by compassionately confronting and dealing with longstanding issues now. Make decisions, identify commitments and stick with them. Notice the changes to your world; adapt and adjust. Smile and let the world smile with you.

The Chariot is also akin to Spiritual Martial Arts; Yoga, Tai Chi, Taekwondo (Korean), Karate, Ju

Jitsu (Brazilian), Energy Work, Shamanism. All of these are designed to discipline not only the body but the heart, mind and action as well. Discipline is necessary to receive the Divine, get in touch with your Higher Self and to activate your purpose.

This leads to empowered action and decisive leadership these are great attributes to get in touch with 2023.


‘The less attached to an outcome that you are this year, the more enjoyable the journey will be. Be undaunted, don't stop and keep doing the work.'

Good questions are:

What is my heart committed to? Success or failure?

Are my heart and mind on the same page?

How can I train my mind to focus on the goal of my heart? What helps me to focus on important goals? What distracts me from my focus?

It might be helpful to answer these questions now so you’re in the know and prepared for minor setbacks that could occur.

2023 could be an exhilarating year of adventure and fulfillment of potential if you allow your heart to guide you and train your mind focus on that guidance.

Find your magic carpet to ride upon and shoot for the Stars.

Much Love,


To Schedule Your Personal 2023 Reading Go Here.

PS - In Part 2 we’ll focus on The Chariot as a Merkaba ruled by Archangel Metatron representing Lightworkers and higher-vibrational energy. Here’s a taste of that.

‘The Chariot also represents the Merkaba, a high-vibrational energy symbol utilized by Lightworkers. Being a Lightworker means shining your light regardless of who’s looking. The Lighthouse doesn’t stop shining because it’s not aware of the ships in the sea, it keeps shining simply because it’s a lighthouse. That’s what it does and Lightworkers shine their light simply because that’s what they do.’

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