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6 of Cups - Deep Soul Connections

New Palladini Deck

Have you ever met someone and instantly felt that you know them already? You might want to run up and give them a big hug and say ‘It’s so great to see you again!’ Only you don’t know them at all.

Or you may get a sinking feeling that something’s not right and maybe you don’t feel so good about a person you’ve just met.

Either way you might see the 6 of Cups come up in the Tarot.

The 6 of Cups is a card that speaks of deep soul connections, receptivity to higher planes of

consciousness and memories of the past or nostalgia. There’s a powerful Scorpionic energy with this card so prepare for quite a few deep dives.

The 6’s live at Tipareth on the Tree of Life, a central place of beauty where all paths meet. We might call it Christ/Buddha consciousness.

Remain respectful of yourself and others when working with this energy. It can be intense so keep your head about you and think things through.

We may be accessing feelings, thoughts or actual people that we’ve known in other lifetimes. Or from this one. It’s the holidays and we all know nostalgia comes with this territory!

I personally believe that all of our lifetimes are happening at the same time so it would be

no wonder that we’re able to do this.

With psychic development, raised vibration and increased consciousness comes more resolution and healing of past situations, beliefs, emotions and thoughts.

As we heal we become more conscious and as we become more conscious we know there is more to heal. More will keep coming up and we have to make the good choices over and over again until it’s resolved. It takes more than one time to uncreate a belief but keep going because nothing feels better then breaking the chains.

‘Bleed-throughs’ are vibes we’re experiencing from other lifetimes or other experiences our

soul is having as it makes its way from one part of our larger soul to another. This can be positive or negative.

You may have a really good relationship with someone in another life time and in this one it’s atrocious. That can cause some serious confusion or mixed emotions about the relationships or situations you find yourself in.

As I’ve said this happens more frequently the higher your vibe and the more sensitive you become. It could be why you keep thinking a relationship should be good when its just not!

However, it’s not an excuse to stay in a bad relationship. Also, you don’t want to walk away from a good relationship because it was bad in another lifetime.

Be Here Now.

We came here to learn, grow and co-create with source as well as others. The 6 of Cups indicates we’ve chosen some deep, deep lessons. Value your life experiences, they’re yours and they’ve made you the fantastic soul you are today.

Love, growth, emotional balance, authenticity, stability and equality all come along with the 6 of Cups so enjoy these aspects of life.

The resolution of the past creates space for the new or maybe just more fulfillment from where you already are. You may find that you’re exactly where you’ve wanted to be all along.

It’s so hard to let the feel-good in when you’re still frightened the past will repeat itself.

Thankfully, with the 6 of Cups this week we may come across the positive side of the connections and allow ourselves the joy of letting in warm, deep, kind and caring folks whom we’ve known for eons and who have our best interest at heart.

Maybe there’ll be some favorable nostalgia as good memories make their way to the surface with the help of the culinary delights of the seasons. Maybe the smell of pine fills the house with refreshing scents and pumpkin and cinnamon spiced everything warms the heart and soothes the belly.

Maybe you’ll meet that someone special with some feel-good, long-term potential where you finish each others sentences. Maybe you’ll feel at peace with them or maybe excited enough to talk for hours. Maybe all of the above.

Either way the 6 of Cups this week looks good, promising and of a positive karmic nature. Hallelujah to that!

We’re wishing you a warm and loving holiday season.

Have a great week.

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