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Ace of Swords - Universal Waite Tarot

The Ace of Swords represents focus, clarity, truth, acceptance and consciousness. Consciousness includes awareness especially of Self but of others as well. The real Self we all consist of. The light, the brilliance, the superior aspects of our beings.

Once this truth is known we have focus and clarity and know the truth and accept what is as it is. And allow what was to be what it was. We’re able to access more of the Higher Self and step even closer to enlightenment.

Cutting through, or biting through as in my case, means we have chewed over situations in

our lives that confuse, hurt or even disturb us. We’ve taken time to ‘sleep on it’ so we don’t jump to conclusions and have gone within to discover the inner workings of our outer manifestations.

I’ve frequently seen the Reversed Ace of Swords in readings where there’s a lot of repressed, unresolved anger playing itself out seemingly sporadically and unpredictably. It’s not sporadic nor is it unpredictable we now know it as being triggered. The key is to heal to the degree that we’re more fully in our power, our truth and our love. There’s usually a great deal of sadness beneath anger, access and send love to that and you’ll be amazed at the relief you feel. That clarity and relief is the Ace of Swords upright.

The Moon card #18, when reversed is one of projections, lunacy and overall miscalculations made by the unresolved and unhealed psyche one that has usually been gaslighted. Now that’s a true tragedy. Turning someone against themselves is manipulation at its worst and has horrible consequences. Self-doubt is a killer of the Spirit and needs to be addressed quickly and thoroughly with the truth of love.

The Ace of Swords is the much needed clarity that sets us free from these patterns. It’s the logical mind working in tandem with the Soul for the purpose of self-realization, beauty and grace.

Metaphysically we understand that the workings of the outer world are the reflection of some part of self seeing itself. Maybe it’s a belief, a fear, an effect or a truth but the Ace of Swords means we’ve figured it out, we’ve gotten to the truth.

That’s what victory is, consciousness and that’s what allows for the light of truth to come streaming in. This truth calms the mind heals the emotions and settles the Soul.

And that’s an excellent goal for this upcoming week!

I hope you enjoy your time with this most powerful Ace and I hope it uplifts and empowers you and most of all I hope it sets you free.

Much Love.

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