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Be Kind to Yourself - It Makes Space in Your Heart

The 9 of Swords - Robin Wood Tarot

Astro: Gemini, Libra & Aquarius - Strong Emphasis on Gemini

Time Frame: 1 Month

Book Recommendation: The Four Agreements, Don Miguel Ruiz

Guilt, anxiety and nightmares are common when working with the 9 of Swords, and the holiday’s.

What’s the cure for what ails you with this energy? Try facing some fears. Yes, this is about leaning in not running away.

Frequently, nightmares of the past are the cause of the problems so putting some distance between you and the cause is a good way to create a better-feeling effect. Don’t run away, really offer space to your emotions, spirit and soul.

Whether the problems were with a relationship, job, friends or family or living situations some distance is a good thing. Try slowly engaging the new and having some fresh experiences that nourish the Soul. See if that gives you a better, kinder perspective about yourself.

Ask Source, your Spirit Team and the Angels for help they’re happy to guide the way. Ask them to be present in your relationships, situations and careers as well as provide ideas and positive influence to your thinking.

Remember, with the 9 of Swords this is about your inner world and not necessarily what’s going around you now so counseling, meditation, yoga, energy work, sound healing, chanting and clean living can go a long way here.

Metaphysically, guilt is self-attack and the core issue or cause of auto-immune diseases, problems and complications. Surrender this perspective to the Divine and allow the New year to be a Turning-Point, a pivotal place where you release self-sabotage and accept a higher perspective.

Making the choice to be kinder and more compassionate to yourself along with life-style changes that support your new attitude are the first steps toward healing. Self-Love is a tremendously healing attitude. You may think you love yourself until you listen to your self-talk for a while. Would you speak like that to someone else, someone that you love? It’s a good question, give it try?

Inflammation, to me, is the manifestation of anger and rage in the psyche that has been left unresolved so it has no choice but to bleed into your everyday world. Anger is a powerful emotion that’s expressed and acted upon to keep us from shutting down and becoming depressed. It only becomes an issue when you unleash it on those around you inappropriately or at the wrong time. Button-Pushing anyone?

Underneath that blanket of burning lava is pain and hurt feelings that have been buried, covered up, maybe since childhood even possibly other lifetimes. Yes, you can still be hurt and pissed off about other lifetimes. This is shown through the very vast unconscious and its proddings and influence at any time. It’s the deep and potent underlying mood, either good or bad.

Healing emotional wounds is a slow and ongoing process for a reason. If you apply the remedy

too quickly or if the pain rushes up into conscious awareness all at once you could cause a split or a break in the psyche which is what we call a ‘breakdown’. This is frequently shown as the 10 of Wands in the Tarot.

The healing process could take one moment of ‘Aha’ or enlightenment or there could be a series of these experiences over the course of years. It’s a process that fuels inspiration and allows for development of self through gradual progress. Slow and steady feel-better begins to happen and you wake up each day feeling calmer, more grounded and balanced then you have in a long time. This invites a return to your real self, the Soul and a homecoming to your Heart. Now that feels good, doesn’t it? (The Ace of Swords in the Tarot.)

A ‘breakthrough’ is what happens when you see coping mechanisms for what they are and ask yourself if they’re still serving you in a constructive way. (The Hanged Man in the Tarot).

Defensiveness, for example, may have been the right course of action when dealing with highly competitive environments. However, it’s not encouraging behavior when it’s brought into the home and hearth (or the bedroom). It’s common to feel like we need to defend ourselves from the projections of others while our own wounds are left untended too.

This is when our buttons are pushed, tempers fly and tit for tat becomes the norm. A lot like sibling rivalry and this can sadly go on for a very long time. Situations quickly becomes toxic and unworkable and negativity festers for so long that without a complete overhaul of perspective there’s no choice but to walk away. (The 7 of Wands in the Tarot)

Once those wounds are on the mend though your over-reactions become mature responses and you’re able to stay balanced and clear even in difficult times. This is where we learn how to compassionately confront, deal with and resolve problems. They can be resolved as long as each party actually wants resolution. This is the sobering, mental clarity and it begs the questions:

Is everyone on the same page when it comes to healing painful situations and wounds? If not, how can you make progress with your development while others are unable or unwilling to address the problems? Here are some ideas:

  1. Ask yourself if your needs are being met/How your needs can be met

  2. Practice clear, honest communication

  3. Set fair and constructive boundaries

  4. Practice good time management

  5. Tend to the nourishment of your soul, heart and body

  6. Stay actively involved in your positive activities such as the arts, music and community

Knowing that you deserve the best experiences you can have helps you face your fear of bringing in new and fresh energy. It summons compassion and confidence which is a great way to meet your changing psyche in a rapidly changing world.

We’re all having to face our fears of the new whether that’s a new relationship as the old has broken down, a new job as society continues to morph into a fresh paradigm or a new home either with yourself for the first time, with new roommates or loved ones.

We’re all in this same damn boat together so we might as well row. If we don’t we’ll have to learn how to swim. Either way we learn something and that’s the point. Challenges are lessons and you have as many opportunities as you’d like to learn them. Let’s leave the self-punishment and self-abnegation out of the equation and see if growth doesn’t happen a little easier as well as more quickly.

I would enjoy seeing you learn that old wounds can most definitely heal, that you really can feel better even if it takes a little time and most importantly that self-love can bleed into a positive appreciation of the teachers that have taught you even the toughest of lessons.

Acceptance really is a healing balm, forgiveness does happen, it does raise your vibe and you are more than able to engage new life with endurance, commitment, courage, abundance and love.

Rise to the challenge of your Souls fulfillment it’s the key that opens the door to endless possibilities, even greater dimensional awareness and the comfort and connection of deeper intimacy with those you love. And it’s within your grasp.

Many Blessings to you and yours on this most powerful Solstice.

Happy Holidays!

Much Love,


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