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Beyond Illusion - Osho Zen Tarot

Beyond Illusion (The Judgment Card) - Osho Zen Tarot

Awakening, rebirth and resurrection are fantastic keywords for the Judgement card. Living in the space beyond illusion allows for Truth to be seen. Not truth as in someone is lying to you but truth in the sense that you are lying to yourself.

Are you selling yourself short? Are you feeling your power slipping away as you frantically attempt to please everyone but yourself? Are you living with the ghosts of the past constantly trying to outrun them? This is time to let all of that go and release yourself from fear.

A time of Awakening comes from a place of fearlessness and courage. You’ll feel a true power rise within you as you shed the old skin and rise to the action that your guided to take. Spirit is calling and truth will be seen and known.

Awakening means literally awakening to the truth of your own personal beauty, value and power. As well as your right to live freely, unencumbered by fear and anxiety. Fear means living in the past

and anxiety represents living in the future. Does this mean we should not remember the past or prepare for the future? No. This means being here now, living in the present to create balance and wholeness. Then move toward what has heart and meaning.

When we see the Judgement card we are being called, in essence, to get right with ourselves, internally resolve the problems that actually exist and then settle things with others. It’s here we find the peace within, we own ourselves, our experiences, our stations and our true desires. This is the preparation needed prior to being called forward and on to a new spiritual path.

The Spiritual calling is a rebirth driven by inspirational and powerful creative energy that awakens within you and guides you to find the proper outlet. This outlet is often of benefit to others as well as yourself. You may be called to a leadership position or to be of assistance to humanity in some way.

All calls are spiritual by nature so if you are called to be a healer or an accountant, lawyer or reader it carries the same weight. We need people to help us manage our finances and navigate conflict resolution as much as we need others to help us heal and open. Every Call is valid.

In relationships you may be called to once and for all to release all of those people you have collected over the years. Clear your energy, including old lovers, in preparation for the new and fresh relationships coming your way. Don’t the let the ghosts or boogeymen/women of the past scare away the beautiful and wise people making their way toward you now.

This is a higher commitment vibe and game playing won’t be tolerated. Although, I’m sure some fun and frivolity is in the cards with your new love. Wink, wink! Oh what a relief that is!!

You’ll notice the Third Eye and Crown Chakras on the card are stimulated and opened. This allows for more clarity, calm and intelligence from a higher order to flow through you. New ideas, solutions, reconciliations and truth come forth from this higher reasoning that weren’t able to be seen by the ego/monkey mind.

Resurrection can be felt more as pulling upward then a pushing up from beneath (but a little thrust to reach up never hurt anyone). Frequently we’ll feel like a weight has been lifted, much like gravity has shifted. Some folks, like during attunements, actually feel the ground move or see objects in the physical world change shape before their very eyes. It’s an amazing experience. You’re seeing from the eyes of pure energy or consciousness instead of the sight of the controlling ego mind. Awakening! How beautiful!

So this week is a fantastic time to commit to your meditation, nature walks, reiki practice and other forms of ritual and expect to be uplifted. It’s a time of the veil thinning and Truth being seen.

To some this may be a natural way of being, for others a lovely reminder and still others a fantastic revelation of the Truth about life for the first time.

Everything is energy and everything depends on how you perceive your experience of this life. Release guilt and fear and trust in your Beingness, your Self, Your Soul and most of all trust in your LOVE, your Truth and your ability to see what’s most important.

Then act upon that!

Have a great week.

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