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Clear, Cleanse & Claim: Keys to Saging Your Home

Hey Everyone! Did you know that I'm doing energy House Clearings? Yes, who knew that would happen? Not me.

Anyway, I'm learning a lot and having a blast of course.

If you're interested in a House clearing, reach out, we'll talk details. Go Here to Book a Reading

In the meantime, here are some facts and how-to tips on Self-Saging! Enjoy.

Saging/Smudging - Saging has been used for thousands of years by indigenous cultures all around the world. It’s been used for Spiritual Ceremonies, Magical Rituals and to remove negative and unwanted energies from people, places and things.

If you’re moving to a new home try Saging your old house just before leaving. It’s a great way to leave the space cleansed and cleared for the new folks that are moving in. And a great ritual to show gratitude for the life you’ve experienced while there as well as to say goodbye and get closure.

Saging is a great idea as the first thing you do when moving into a new home. Try to do this before moving any of your belongings into the new abode. Not only does Saging cleanse but

it also empowers. Depending on the intention that you set, you can clear something of an energy and you can infuse something with an energy as well. Love, healing, kindness, creativity and truth are great infusions. Just set the intention.

You can make Saging a deeply felt Spiritual Ritual or you can quickly cleanse your house or your being as a sort of light dusting off. Either way is acceptable.

Sage sticks are very accessible, sold everywhere from Amazon to your local and loved Metaphysical shop. Personally, I’m a fan of small business so try your local spiritual haven and you might find other tools your interested in as well.

The most commonly used Sage for Smudging is White Sage but there are quite a few different varieties. Lavender, Cedar, Floral, Desert and Dragon’s Blood are just a few and it’s up to you as to which you prefer.

Mugwort is a form of Black Sage and a very powerful herb to help release malignant energies. Get some Mugwort if you need to do some serious cleansing. Works like a charm.

Sage sticks can also come in bulk so it’s okay to be generous with yourself. Sage doesn’t go bad, feel free to stock up. And while you’re at it get a sage-tray, a metal/clay/glass support (ashtray) that will catch the drifting embers as you move around with the lit sage stick.

Most folks prefer the ritualistic intended sage-tray made of abolone/paua and shaped as a sea-shell. It’s aesthetically pleasing, energetically positive as well as functional and just the right size. And yes, it’s a gift from the Ocean herself.

The Science behind Sage is that it creates negative ions that attach to harmful bacteria, virus’s, mold spores and overall bad energy, positive ions and they in turn carry it away or dissolve it along with the negative energy.

I like to Sage after a complete cleaning of my house as well as prior to and after any kind of Sacred Ritual such as Reiki Attunements, Spiritual Development Groups and Meditations.

When Saging your house be sure to blow some Sage Smoke into all 4 corners of each room as well as clearing the center. Set or say an intention for the cleansing such as ‘Please remove the residual anger from my home’ or ‘Thank you for removing the feelings of grief from this space’.

Or my favorite and one that I use, a very simple ‘Clear, Cleanse and Balance this Space. In gratitude, reverence and respect and so it is’.

Keeping a window or door open will ensure that the smoke can ventilate taking the negative energy with it.

Using a Feather to direct the Sage smoke will give you confidence that the energy is flowing with your intention. The most commonly used feathers are Hawk, Falcon, Turkey and Peacock but any feather will do as will a hand-held fan, a piece of paper or magazine.

Be careful you don’t catch those last ones on fire, a gentle flushing is all you need.

Be wary of over-saging, it’s a common mistake. If you do over-sage it will just take a little time, a few days, for the smell to fade away so don’t worry. Thinking middle-path here might be a good way to go. Sometimes Sage Sticks will fire right up with a lot of smoke and other times you’ll have to give it some effort to light it and keep it lit.

You want to have the best experience saging and see for yourself how powerful yet simple and effective this method of clearing your home really is.

When you’re done Saging be sure that the Sage Stick is fully extinguished it might take a minute or two but it’s worth the time to be sure you’re free of a fire hazard.

After all, it’s peace of mind we’re looking for and a little Sage really does go a long way.

Much Love,


Rebecca is a Spiritual Mentor, Professional Tarot Card Reader, Medium, Reiki Master & Teacher & Meditation/Shamanic Drum Facilitator. She’s been practicing professionally since 2002 and is proud to be working in collaboration with SoMe Artisan Wares & Jewelry. Rebecca resides and works on the East End of Pittsburgh with her zen master and therapy cat Sampson. For more information go to

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