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Hierophant Reversed - The Ancestral Tarot

Hello Everyone. Hope you're doing well!

Tarot Classes and Reiki Attunements are coming up, stay tuned. I'll provided details and information as to Covid-19 restrictions so you're in the know and feel comfortable. Looking forward to catching up with you!

The Hierophant Reversed - The Ancestral Tarot

Different. Unique. Strange. Odd. New. Obscure. Surfacing. Changing. Moving. Releasing. Freeing. Opening to that which is different to learn and grow.

Traditional models are changing. Old structures are being revamped to invite us into a new time, a new way and a new day. The Hierophant (5) year is closing out and the energy of a Lover’s (6) year is forging its way to center stage. The curtain has yet to open and yet there’s a buzz deep within, a flurry of activity behind the scenes.

The Hierophant can represent hierarchies and the group mind. Family is the first pecking order we

know and reversed this energy represents the release of deep seated beliefs that may have been carried through by many generations. This also represents the religious and/or spiritual ideologies we grew up with most of which were challenging to say the least.

Ancestral healing is a liberation from the suffering of past generations by compassionately confronting old pain and uprooting the seeds of discouragement, fear and oppression. Here we find the source of the affliction, shift the beliefs and enter into a wide open plane of fresh ground.

The Hierophant can also represent friend groups and the unwritten codes, for better or for worse

within each of those. We usually enter into the hierarchy of schools and social strata’s offering the opportunity to discover how we’re similar to others but also how we’re different.

Peer pressure and the need to conform looms large here and showing individuality can come at a high cost yet can also liberate the Soul and feed the mind. This sets the stage for gradual development and a solid foundation of self, and the courage to display that, for future endeavors. We either become our own teacher (The Hermit) or remain the student of conformity (The Hierophant).

Both can exist simultaneously summoning the opposing forces within. This can lead to an expression of tremendous creative ability but remains exceptionally painful to the fragility of the psyche. Here we feel fragmented and split as the sense of self is forged through challenge. (3 of Swords).

Individuation allows one to carry a strong sense of self into the world with curiosity and wisdom. Not needing to be right or wrong we’re not pushed and pulled but unerringly focused on the path set before us. We’re becoming whole as we mature. (The Chariot)

Understanding that there is a real strength emerging with each vulnerable step we take can be a supportive mind set summoning compassion and understanding.

It’s from here we move into adulthood and possibly new friend groups, new ideals and new goals. If we maintain the same beliefs we carried from the family unit we’ll continue to entertain the same dynamics, for better or for worse.

If we open to the new, unusual, unique, different, odd and obscure within life we open doors of opportunity with ourselves and we create space for something unknown to emerge from within.

This is the beauty of diversity and it’s the birth of creation. There is no life without it, it's law, and the Spiritual Laws do not change.

The Universe being a reflective mechanism will respond in kind as new paths, jobs, careers and loves appear before our very eyes.

Release, make space, heal, open and allow yourself to receive that which is rightfully yours.

Much Love,


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