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High Priestess - Osho Zen Tarot

The High Priestess represents intuition, our inner knowing and the gift of sight. She’s the feminine and the ultimate receptive. Illumination, revelation, prophecy and mystery all fall under her reign.

In Reading the cards we partake of the High Priestess, developing a deep and abiding trust of ourselves. Ultimately, only we can decide what’s right for ourselves that’s free will and it’s a big deal.

However, we can visit the oracle (inner or outer) for assistance as to the ways of the world and the wishes of the Gods.

Becoming the ultimate channel we quiet our mind, summon our Soul and are able to see with different eyes. Envisioning a new future, a different way of being the Goddess escorts us into a new realm.

It’s the way of the feminine, the receptive and it flows forward sans the harshness of fear

and confusion. Fluidity allows the emotions to sway to and fro, intensity is relieved as more inner space is created and we’re able hear our inner voice more clearly.

Resolute in her firmness her feelings of security are evident. The High Priestess trusts herself and she needn’t say anything just yet for her power resides in her silence.

The High Priestess allows you to see yourself in the light that you project upon her reflecting back to you what you need to see. She’s deep playful, aware and open. I like to think that Goddess is quite clever, mischievous and profoundly wise revealing only what needs to be seen just like the Moon.

When we meditate with the Moon we open to new realities, dimensions and truths which some people may or may not be ready to hear. Discretion is the better part of valor and in my mind, wisdom.

However, metaphysical knowledge or awareness of the energies beyond the physical have proven so very helpful to many people who are confused about the events that play out in our world.

As we begin seeing from a different perspective we’re able to navigate the chaos of the life with more distinction, clarity and insight. She lets us know that we’re never separate from that which loves us, we’re always connected to a nurturing strength, love and truth.

I’m really drawn to the Dolphins on the card and to be honest hadn’t really noticed them until writing about this card. I’ve worked with the Zen deck for many years so this may be ushering me into a higher awareness of the High Priestess, the Moon, the Goddess and the Feminine.

The way they’re positioned reminds me of the Wheel of Fortune combined with the pillars of light and dark we normally see on the High Priestess. Boaz and Jackin or order and chaos. Moving in different directions they create a playful kind of tension that’s new to me. It’s an energy of opposites attracting. Refreshing to say the least.

Or maybe it’s reminding me of an ancient energy that I’d long since forgotten.

Either way it feels good and requests that we trust our playful graciousness and share that with the world in a protective yet curious kind of way.

With the High Priestess this week it’s a good time to dive deeply into the reservoir of our ancient knowing that is inherently intelligent, kind, strong, wise and authentic. She asks that you be unabashedly and unashamedly YOU, powerful in your knowing, clear in your thinking and clever in your action.

She also asks us to listen to our inner voice and really hear it’s wisdom.

It’s time to connect with a love so powerful it unleashes a childlike enthusiasm combined with the spirit of a warrior trusting in a life that’s been conspiring for our success since the day we were born.

Have a great week.

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