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Intro to Tarot II - Read the Cards

Introduction to the Tarot II: with Rebecca Bloom

Practice Reading the Cards

Come Join Us!

Where: Click the Link for more info


July 13th, 2019

10:00AM - 1:00PM

How Much:

$45 Per Person

In the Introduction to the Tarot workshop we learned the very basics of the Tarot. In this workshop we’ll practice reading for ourselves & others in a supportive, open & fun environment. We’ll dive deeper into the meanings of the cards and begin the learning the Tarot through life experience in contemporary time. It’s a great workshop for those who have experience with the Tarot as well as beginners. Just be ready to Read! Oh and have fun too!

This will be a great opportunity to practice with others, share ideas, definitions and trade readings with an experienced teacher and reader as your guide.

Tarot is a wonderful tool used for self-discovery, intuitive development, decision making and divination (a way of connecting with Spirit). The Cards are reflective, meaning that they reflect where you are, what you’re feeling and working through at any given time. They help you tap into your natural intuitive ability to find the answers that you’re seeking.

The Cards are also like a snapshot of energy with beautiful and accurate images to guide you forward. Everybody reads differently because the magic to Reading the Tarot is in the interpretation. Everyone can learn to Read the cards but no-one reads exactly the same. You get to put your personal spin on it!

That’s why…

In this workshop you’ll learn:

The Basic Format of the 78 Cards 11

Card Celtic Cross Intuitive Development Practice Applying Definitions through Life Experience

What you’ll need:

A notebook or a journal specifically for the Study of Tarot. You can keep all of your notes, ideas and findings in one place for review later on to show the accuracy of your intuition!

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