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Knight of Swords - Robin Wood Tarot

The Knight of Swords - Robin Wood Tarot

Knights in the Tarot are about movement and this one moves fast. A quick, agile mind, determination and conviction are on his side. What may not be beneficial is the quick and fiery temper this energy carries. It tends to be more adversarial than most and the only thing weighing him down is the tremendous chip on his shoulder. The good part is that this savior is on your side!

If you’ve noticed, the past 3 weeks have been cards from the suit of swords. What this is asking of us is to notice the quality of our thoughts.

Really hear that:

The Quality of Our Thoughts.

This is one of the finest steps to self-mastery. Our thoughts are represented by our language, our feelings and then our actions. I know many folks have been experiencing a huge amount of anxiety lately, for months or maybe even years. I view anxiety as creativity

wanting to be utilized. That’s the gift of anxiety…creative energy. Not easy but workable with the right tools. It’s a sign of deep change and therefore a feeling of the unsettled Soul.

Due to the overwhelming amount of shifting and simultaneous resistance happening in the collective psyche we’re hearing more about ‘panic disorders’ than personality disorders or even mental illness.

The first reaction to deep change is systemic panic due to deeply engrained patterns of coping. I like to say the ‘deep grooves in our brains are changing’ at least that’s how many are experiencing it. Here’s how it feels for me.

Imagine playing a vinyl record…at first you hear the crackling sound from the old dust that’s collected on it.

You know that nostalgic good feeling when your about to hear a song that you like? You’ve chosen the record, lifted the cover, placed the album on the player and then let the needle to do its thing. You relax, settle in and get ready to enjoy your comfort zone as your heart opens in anticipation of the good vibes to come…

And all of a sudden you hear a horrible screeching sound as the needle skips to another groove desperately attempting to find a home, sliding to and fro or going directly to the center. We’ve changed, the old album is worn out. Grooves have changed. You may notice a scratch across the record or its molted in some way. In general terms, that’s the trauma.

When trauma is triggered the first attempts at rescue come from our thoughts usually stemming from the ego kicked into gear by our fear/fight, freeze or flee coping mechanism. The energy releases itself through the avenue of what we say and what we do or don’t do. Maybe it doesn’t release itself and that’s painful. Maybe we keep trying to play the old record over and over again instead of finding a new rhythm, a new sound, a new dance.

To me that’s the anxiety that comes when we change patterns. It’s shocking and discomforting but it’s letting us know that we’ve changed and we can’t do what we used to do. It doesn’t work anymore.

Now imagine your thoughts at that moment. What arises in that moment is what needs to be healed. Those are the fall back thoughts, They are the deeply imbedded programming that’s changing. It takes courage to risk opening to the new especially with the inherent distrust that accompany’s trauma. However, opening to new, more positive directions is the healing balm that’s needed. Did I mention it requires courage? And patience and a lot of love & compassion.

Remember the focus of the Knight of Swords is on self-mastery and how we perceive and deal with situations in our lives. That’s the gift on offer with the spiritual challenges that we’re facing. Humanity has created a challenge on a soul level and the mind needs to catch up. Our ability to focus is our manifestation power and at the end what we focus on most is what we get more of.

‘Focus on what you want, the direction you want events to move toward and completing the process. Not the obstacles.’

This Knight is in defense of the good; honesty, clarity, fairness and equality are all aspects he’s willing to fight for. And fight hard!

The key is to harness the powerful energy of this knight and use it to our benefit. Leverage it and commit to your BEST self. Become aware of who you really are and what you can do because life is leveling us up whether we like it or not.

So a great focus for this week is on what needs to change, how we change it and what resources are at our disposal to do so. Allow the anxiety you feel to propel you into a new way of thinking and being and don’t hold it back. Express creatively for yourself and others, take action on what you’ve always wanted to do, summon your inner resources to cultivate a favorable new dynamic in our world. Tame the ego, listen to the Soul and allow your heart to soar.

Have a great week.

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