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Love & Tarot

Love is everywhere. There is Divine Love, Parental Love, Friendly Love, Familial Love, Romantic Love and there is just plain Bad Love (otherwise known as “Not Love”).   This wonderful, perplexing, delicious, heartbreaking, fulfilling, frightening amd ecstatic feeling will visit us all at one time or another. We can choose to love or not to love but no one escapes at least one dance. The Tarot is an excellent tool for insight as to whether this really is love and if so what kind of love? And if it’s not love then what is it? And, can it be both? Let’s talk relationship!

During this workshop we’ll be discussing love & relationships of all kinds, including Soul Mates and how the Tarot reflects these dynamics back to us as a mirror. Self-discovery is the first goal of the class which then helps us to understand, maintain, improve or end our relationships with others.

Some knowledge of the Tarot is recommended. This is a great workshop for practioners looking to improve their skill-set.

Where: John F. Singer House

1318 Singer Place

Wilkinsburg, Pa 15221

When: Saturday, February 9th 2019

10:00AM – 3:00PM

30 Minute Break at 12:30

Feel free to bring a snack and a drink

Parking on street.

Handicapped parking by reservation by

Text to 412 245 0389 with name and cell#

Cost: $75 Non-Refundable

Please RSVP by January 31st, 2019

Please contact Rebecca for more information and to RSVP at

or 412-310-0400

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