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Page of Swords - Druid Craft Tarot

Communication is the key to the Page of Swords. When seen in a spread, like the Ace of Swords the theme becomes honesty especially with oneself. Knowing your truth can help stoke the inner fire of authenticity we see in the Ace of Wands. Swords are air and wands are fire, they’re complimentary elements in their opposition, they need each other to survive.

This page is learning to embrace that truth whether it’s appreciated by others or not. That’s not to say she doesn’t care about those opinions, she does but she knows her integrity’s on the line. There are times in life when being true to yourself is most important because you have to live with yourself, wherever you go there you are. Having a clean conscience lends a powerfully uplifting quality to one’s life and seeing the truth really can set you free. Even if

it’s really hard at first it feels better in the long run. Honesty is important especially about the hard stuff.

This isn’t cruelty, nor is it gossip the card isn’t reversed. It means having the difficult conversations, being honest and accepting or giving apologies. Maybe it’s realizing a situation from the past, childhood or later, didn’t carry the integrity you thought it did or you’re seeing a deeper truth about why folks behaved the way they did. And maybe it had nothing to do with you at all or visa versa maybe it’s realizing your perceptions were skewed and you felt blame or guilt for circumstances you couldn’t control and weren’t supposed to.

Relief comes with this kind of clarity and honest communication and then healing has a real chance of taking hold. With this card you know what happened and the challenge is to see how you place the past over the present circumstances and how that could be blocking you. Fear of repeating old patterns can lead to being stuck as analysis paralysis takes place. Let the thoughts come in and go out. To settle the Soul we have to release some old baggage not discard new directions.

This Page is definitely not in her comfort zone but she’ll turn that around in a very short amount of time. She’s learned the lesson from the 10 of Swords and she’s saved the one sword that’s important, the Ace in the hole. This Page knows she doesn’t haven’t to martyr herself, play small, sacrifice more than she wants to or overthink every move she makes. She’s learning to trust herself again and that takes time so be patient with her, she’ll be a good friend and ally if you are.

So in this week’s meditations practice sitting with and being present with your truth. You’re loyal, clever, adaptable, intelligent, devoted, street smart and intuitive and able to read the writing on the wall. Raise up your sword in the name of truth and connect with that which knows you, loves you and can never and will never leave you. It’ll help rejuvenate your spirit, restore your faith and inspire your thoughts and actions catapulting you directly into the new you, the right relationships, in the right direction and onto the right path.

Have a great week.

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