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Practical Magic: Extraordinary Healing with the Everyday Witch Tarot

5 of Wands - Everyday Witch Tarot, Deborah Blake

Astro Signs: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Time Frame: Until the Beginning of June

Healing with Creativity through Drama, Chaos and Democracy

Hello Everyone! Kendall, Thank you for this deck! I love it.

Hope you all enjoy this post and it's helpful as we're all on this rollercoaster together! It's a bit longer than usual so I put the takeaway at the top. Love to hear from you as always. The Spiritual Empowerment group is still happening on Thursday's at 7:00PM. If you're interested reach out and we'll talk details.


Spirit’s message is that a good perspective to adopt in these times of dramatic change is one of HEALING old wounds. When we take action on our own behalf and step onto the path of healing we find our tribe, the group or groups of people that are right for us. Get your inner-coven on the same page and move on!

It may take time to get to know some new folks, to fully be able to bond but that’s where the growth and learning live. We’ve all changed over the past few years. We’re

soulfully redirecting ourselves, with the help of Spirit, so go with what’s fresh, inspirational and helpful. That’s the correct path. We’re all learning from each other. We’re learning the most from the most difficult situations. See the challenge, accept it and get moving.

If you're interested in knowing me a little better and have some time I welcome you to continue reading, but above is the main point. Scroll down to the end of this post for some practical ideas about taking action toward your healing, too!

Also, I'd love to hear some of your favorite songs, from spirit or not, in the comments below. What music moves your Soul? What music really helps you feel your feelings, changes your day, puts you in a better mood?


The 5 of Wands asks us to see the creative potential within the change, conflict and drama around us and CREATE SOMETHING NEW FROM IT. Go with the Changes.

5’s in numerology represent major change. The synchronicities with the number 555 are much like David Bowie’s song ‘Changes’. Growth means we have to ‘turn and face the strange’ and even though that'll feel uncomfortable at first, we’ll see the results of these changes over an extended period of time as well as the importance of owning our truth.

This process reminds me of a relationship I was in in my early 30’s. We had both gotten our dream jobs and moved to New Jersey. Yes, we had spiritual awakenings in Jersey, don’t laugh. We lived there for a year, it’s what’s called the 30’s shift. This is life ensuring that your on the right path.

He was an artist, a writer by trade, a Leo and I was, unknowingly, heading into my work with metaphysics for the next 20 years coming out of 14 years in the restaurant business.

His birthday is August 8th and mine is September 6th. His due date was September 6th and mine was August 8th. We discovered that one evening when his parents were over for dinner.

We all laughed about the synchronicity but we knew there was more to this.

In our birth processes, I was a month late and he was a month early and that spoke to each of our personalities, perfectly. He was an eight month baby and I was definitely a 10 month baby.

We both had our issues believe me, but when all that unnecessary stuff is stripped away you remember how strong the bones were, you see God/Goddess in hindsight and the truth of the matter. It was meant to be… but it wasn’t meant to last.

He was so creative and I loved the things he did to express that to me. He would leave me a song for the day, queued up in the cd player each morning. Groggy, I would make my coffee, settle in and listen to his thoughts wafting through the vein of Sam Cooke, David Bowie and Ziggy Stardust, Nina Simone, Shawn Colvin, Billie Holiday, John Hiatt and many, many others.

Maybe that’s why I love music so much. Maybe that’s why Spirit speaks to me through songs.

He would also leave me simple love notes in my books, safely tucked into random pages littered with the metaphysical pieces to my puzzle. Years later, I would find these nuggets of gold as I dove into my treasure chest of old books. Looking for a message of solace or inspiration, I would flicker the pages until I found the right spot and read the message for the day.

Imagine my surprise when I would find notes that would simply say ‘I love you’, ‘I want you’, ‘I miss you’.

I would smile and the tears would spontaneously begin to stream down my cheeks as I thought of the consideration of that complicated yet playful and romantic man. The message was profound and one that I would receive from the Divine many times as I made my way through the next 18 years. It was to be a karmic cycle filled with mystery, beauty, love, struggles, growth, learning, heartache, betrayal, ecstasy, pain, healing crisis and the exquisite deliciousness of just being alive.

It’s as if he healed some ache he knew I would have and sent the cure to my future longing in three simple written words. He didn’t say ‘you shut down, became a major bitch, stopped sleeping with me and pushed me away’ he said ‘I Love You, I wan’t you, I miss you’. I figured out my behavior on my own. I had to accept that I really didn't want to be there and that I needed to be honest about it. He created space for that. We talked about it a year or so later.

That’s a Real Soulmate.

He went on to marry a wonderful woman and they gave birth to twins. She wanted children as badly as I didn’t. My biological clock never did tick and still doesn’t to this day. Hers was like Big Ben. That was the right path for him. It was time to go our separate ways, we were walking different paths. ( 2 and 3 of Wands)

If I hadn’t moved with him he would not have went and if he had not asked me to go I would not have had that experience. (4 of Wands)

It’s as if he knew that my pain would need the firm yet tender touch of a healing truth not another poke at the wound that was already a gaping, god-shaped hole. He was a visionary and I’m glad he was in my world.

That’s a relationship that I don’t regret. A reason, a season or a lifetime? There was a reason, it was a season and the effect lasted a lifetime.

It was meant to be a Healing relationship and it was up to us to accept the gift in that. It changed me.

Ask your self: Where are the gifts in my world that lift me to a higher way of living?

Do we need to give folks space, maybe that means we simply send a smile or just listen?

Maybe it’s time to find our voice, speak up and ask for what it is that we’re wanting?

Maybe we’ll get it, maybe we won’t. But if we don’t stir it up like the witches in the 5 of Wands situations can linger and sink to dangerous depths of co-dependency, emotional insecurity and create inner toxic waters.

Maybe we share ideas that will encourage healing or send energy to those who need it the most.

Maybe it means we walk away because we’re on separate paths and we don’t want the same things. It’s okay to do this.

Maybe staying would just complicate matters.

Maybe we don’t take everything so personally and allow ourselves to emotionally detach from dysfunctional situations.

Conflict within groups or relationships seen from a higher viewpoint is creative tension. You can internalize and play the blame game or you can begin to get excited about the upward spiraling, the ascension taking place. See yourself as a valuable and important part of the equation, speak up and ask questions.

It’s your choice, either way you are powerful and you do have a hand in all of this.

Whether you influence millions of souls or simply one, you are very important.

Within Democracy, your hand is only one hand, others have one too. That’s the point of Democracy. It’s a team sport not an individual power-grab.

After all, we chose to be here during this time, not to suffer, but because we all have a valuable role to play in the co-creation of the now, that’s also our future. Whether we birth babies, a work of art or wisdom funneled to younger generations doesn’t matter, it all makes a difference.

Do what your here to do and do it to the best of your ability.

Our internal creates our external. Our perspective determines whether we’ll react or respond to the chaos and drama around us.

Will we be petty, immature and thoughtless or take responsibility for our role in the theater that is life right now?

We go inward and then outward, it’s a vacillation that creates healing. That’s the lotus flower; down into the depths of darkness and back up into the light. The movement creates the space for the healing to happen. Without that movement we can’t create more space. How can we hold space if we’re emotionally, spiritually or mentally bankrupt ourselves? (How can you eat your pudding if you don’t eat your meat?)

The United States is under the deep, wounded, hazy gaze of a hugely transformational Pluto Return until about November 29th 2024. What does this mean?

In my view, it means The United States has an active opportunity to heal its Ancestral Wounds. These are the wounds incurred around its inception. Or allow itself to be consumed by complacent toxicity. This can be applied collectively and individually and it will take time. It’s a marathon not a sprint.

For years leading up to 2020 we were hearing and seeing a very large ‘Self-Love’ movement. So many folks dismissed this as unimportant as if the love of another or keeping the status quo or conversely the abolishment of it, was the important factor.

Remember, if your internal creates your external then your love of yourself will draw to you the love of another and so on and so on and so on. It’s contagious and we’re all connected.

The Earth’s infrastructure is shifting which is why attention to climate change is so important. Noticing where the earth is shifting and how will give us insight into our new directions in life and what we’re birthing. Listen to the Earth, she’ll tell you what you need to hear. Follow her lead.

Let’s leave a love note to the future. One that says whatever transpired between us was about growth and change but the real truth is, is that I love you. One that says, I know that this is difficult but I’m making changes, thinking of you and that you are very loved.

You see we are all capable of being time-travelers. In fact we ARE all time-travelers incarnating at different intervals at the same time. This isn’t a one-man show, it never has been. That’s an illusion of reality and it’s only a few peoples reality. There are many ‘realities’ being played out simultaneously. The good part is your not in this alone, never were and never will be.

We dove in Soul-first with the expectation of a great adventure into the vast unknown. As Abraham Hicks says on the Leading Edge. The fun part is we’re living all of our lifetimes at the same time. Yeah, I dig it!

That’s the beauty of Creativity, it's like love. It’s our differences that make life interesting. Yes, it’s chaotic, yes it’s dramatic and it’s riddled with tension and uncertainty. However, its capacity to birth the most exquisite of experiences no matter how fleeting, is tremendous and potentially worth the ride. Think Neil Peart from Rush. RIP.

So if in all of this drama, glory, pain, grief, joy and heartache you think you don’t matter, think again. There will be a tomorrow and another and another. And they can get better, just in a different way. You can heal, you can feel better.

What can you do shape that tomorrow into something more healing, more artistic, more truthful, more loving, more fun, more compassionate, more exciting, more whole?

How can you move away from the petty and move toward the great within yourself? Answer: Heal.

How can you make it about yourself and another at the same time?

Answer: Heal.

Inter-dependency can’t work if you’re giving your power away. That’s co-dependent and the tension

becomes destructive. Or conversely, independent to a fault, which is a fear of intimacy, which simply means unhealed wounds which leads to a lack of resolution. What’s the answer? _ _ _ _

So this 5 of Wands says if we’d like to get to the victory of the 6 of Wands we need a new perspective, one that works for the whole coven… and that’s what these spectacular witches are working on. I love the cats, or the familiars, at the bottom of this deck!

What’s the best way forward?

How do we take this creative drama and turn it into a vehicle for healing? What’s the magic elixir? What can we put in our cauldron that creates the perfect healing brew?

My Witchy Ideas are (not necessarily in this order, I think they should all be number one):


Release Pain

Allow Your Needs to be Met

Speak Up

Connect with Nature

Community Outreach

Good Diet & Exercise

Good Inner Circle of Friends

Readings/Counseling Exercise

Energy Healing

Group Development



Chiropractic Care


Past Life Regression


Increased Knowledge/Books


Artistic Activities: Painting, Cooking, Gardening, Pottery

Sound Healing

My gratitude to all of you for teaching me so much and sharing this journey with me. I want to Thank you (Natalie Merchant) for allowing me to be privy to your inner worlds, your deepest pains and greatest joys, for allowing me to see your sacred selves and most of all for allowing me to serve that greater part of who you are.

Much Love,


Rebecca is a Spiritual Mentor, Professional Tarot Card Reader, Medium, Reiki Master & Teacher & Meditation/Shamanic Drum Facilitator. She’s been practicing professionally since 2002 and is proud to be working in collaboration with so many gifted and talented professionals in the Pittsburgh area. Rebecca resides and works on the East End with her zen master and therapy cat Sampson. For more information go to

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