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Queen of Swords - Robin Wood Tarot

Trusting our knowing is at the core of intuitive awareness. Valuing the experiences of our past leads to a greater understanding of our lives. The Queen of Swords has seen some pretty rough times in her life. With each passing difficulty she’s become more and more clear about what she wants and what she doesn’t. She’s learning to see what really lies within the people and situations that she draws to her and therefore what life presents to her.

She may appear cold at times but in fact she has a very big and warm heart as indicated by the rose bush on the card. She’s learned the importance of emotional detachment, which makes her a highly skilled counselor. The Queen of Swords gets to the heart of the matter with honesty and clear vision.

She’s no one to tangle with as she can be quite biting but she’s very helpful when approached with dignity and respect. She helps you get Clear about blocks or issues you may be experiencing. With her powerful sword of intelligence and ambition to see the truth she can help set you free. The Temperance process has sharpened her awareness and given her the tools to work with. If you’re stuck in the 8 of Swords she’s most certainly the one you want around!

The Queen of Swords helps you heal your victim by helping you own your inner perpetrator and displacing or integrating it. She guides the way toward freedom by helping you navigate your inner landscape and escorting you through the obstacles. She knows she doesn’t do this FOR you because that would cripple you and rob you of your own knowing, awareness, wisdom and experience and therefore your inheritance. That’s indicated by the Spiritual Crown she wears.

However, she is here to assist you in untangling the knots, showing compassion for yourself and seeing clearly what life is trying to tell you in the most beautiful of ways. She’s a powerful force not to be trifled with but to be engaged in the lofty spaces of truth, wisdom, clarity, sound judgment and eventually freedom. Join her there by owning your personal Queen of Swords. You’ll find some very good company! Much Love to You.

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