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Something Smells So Good! 7 of Pentacles The Afro Goddess Tarot

7 of Pentacles - Afro Goddess Tarot

Astro: Taurus

Time Frame: Between now and Spring

Patience is a virtue especially in 2021. Leaning-in to smell the beautiful fragrance of our labor refreshes the Soul and eases the mind. In taking time to appreciate slow growth we get a stronger foothold in the world. Development of the self still occurs even if it’s not in leaps and bounds and not seemingly apparent. It’s the slow sprouting of the buds that lead to the glorious colors of the springtime flowers.

Take action toward things and situations that ‘smell good’ to you. Smell is so important in relationships and the chemistry that pulls people together. Pheromones are high during courtship and it’s one of the ways we can trust our senses. The sense of smell may be one that you’re not aware that your using but you most certainly are and it's one you can trust.

Waiting as an action = Patience. Taking time to observe self, sans judgment, and why you do

what you do. This is the harvest that’s called self-discovery. As a fertile time for self-cultivation and in-depth understanding of how our actions affect those around us this energy means tending to the inner garden that creates vitality, prosperity and a sense of arrival.

The 7 of Pentacles speaks of healthy plants that are nurtured and tended too. When doing the same with all of the parts of ourselves we come into wholeness even in times of chaos and great change.

In expressing unconditional love for self our emotions can heal and therefore our feelings don’t trigger such potent responses in the out world. Energy work is an easy way to bring forth the healing. Turn on your Reiki and/or visit a trusted practitioner.

Cultivating a deep connection with our soul through meditation and consciousness we create stronger more fluid yet potent action in the world. Take a little

time to still yourself throughout the day, then keep moving.

In understanding how our mind influences our vibration we become realistic yet positively grounded. Constructive conversations with ourselves go a long way here with the potential to brighten our outlook even in the midst of chaos.

Filling the body with nutritious food and drink we maintain a sense of vibrancy and alertness that supports a healthy oneness with the natural world. Autumn and winter hiking can be just as rejuvenating as spring and summer jaunts.

Successful maintenance of self calls for focus and endurance as well as a deep understanding that the level of change that’s occurring will be continuing for many moons to come.

In this rendition of the 7 of Pentacles the woman seems to be dressed in evening attire yet out in nature. I imagine this to be outdoor events (not surprising considering the times) relating to nature or the environment that refresh the senses and bring a sense of fulfillment. It’s a refueling or filling-up that gives us energy for leaner times. With the chill of winter just around the corner the shoring up of recourses comes naturally.

This also relates to the resources of joy and inspiration. There are good times on the horizon for you and your loved ones be sure to partake in the festivities. Connect with those whose company summons comfort and compassion, excitement and curiosity. This nourishment is necessary not optional.

Collect the herbs from the garden, complete the canning and fill the slow-cooker full of root vegetables. Make a plan for some fun and interesting ways to keep the flame of your soul burning during times of darkness. Study something that feeds you on one or more levels and development will occur gradually yet assuredly. Something that feeds your Soul and fuels your spirit on a very simple level will work wonders.

Take in the glorious scents of the season, under a full moon with the elegance and splendor of your soul being fully present. Patience is the key to getting a good return on your investments and with this energy a healthy return is assured…just be patient while all the parts of self have an opportunity to come together.

This 7 of Pentacles is full of love, appreciation, presence and a delightful sense of patience. The anticipation of the new cycles that yes, will bring challenges but also promises fulfillment, companionship, prosperity and a powerful connection with Love and Life on a level you may not have known before.

Open your heart and let yourself receive all of the fantastic blessings coming your way.

Much Love,


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