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Strength - The New Palladini Deck

You are strong. You are wise. You are good.

We see the Strength card when we’ve experienced past trauma, deception, loss or have had multiple setbacks at one time and then are triggered by current events. That’s a lot for anyone to handle.

If you’re engaging life, as I am, you probably know what I mean. Courage my dear, courage! Couple that with a large dose of self love and compassion and you’ve got the meaning of Strength.

The good news is because Strength is right way up these situations can be seen as opportunities to heal instead of unimportant entanglements and needless drama.

The Lion represents our survival instinct or our fight/flight/freeze response and the woman represents the Higher Self. Compassion for self and others is the key to taming the beast within.

The ability to summon our higher reasoning in times of danger and difficulty is a valuable result of our Spiritual practice. That’s the woman in the picture, secure and confident and

helping us to heal. She holds her lion respectfully, she doesn’t punish it.

We hold awareness of our spirit as well as our thoughts maintaining our powerful presence at all times. We first become the observer of our inner world as we step back and watch from above.

Then we apply the necessary balm. As Eckhart Tolle says in the Power of Now we apply our consciousness to the pain body which helps diminish its effects. Stay present while not obsessing.

We then return to normalcy with more speed and agility feeling better about ourselves. In time our situation becomes much more manageable.

So Write it out in a private place and then let it go. As many times as you need to.

Repressing powerful, forceful energies doesn’t work as they tend to return to the surface at the most inappropriate times. (Usually, that’s an indicator that we’re not listening to our intuition or inner guidance). To the contrary we want to allow them to be what they are. We want to feel our feelings and process the trauma that we’re experiencing without acting on them/it.

Speaking your mind is good just be careful that you’re not trying to push someone’s buttons because they’ve pushed yours. As tempting as that may be it might just create endless power struggles and pain to all involved. That’s a reaction of the ego not an authentic response from the heart.

So Practice makes perfect.

Try counting to 100 before speaking and begin to summon what it is that you’re really wanting to say, especially to yourself. If you’re hurt, embarrassed, angry or regretful honor it and know that that’s how you’re feeling. If you need to say something then do so, if not feel free to go.

Exercise and movement help discharge the energy while the mind gets a grip on the appropriate Response instead of the Reaction. You may need to stand your ground, you may need to walk away, you may need to do both or neither.

Remember anything that’s real doesn’t need defending. Your ego isn’t the reality…your Love is. If someone isn’t loving you have the courage to walk away, don’t engage the ego, therefore loving yourself.

Remaining in abusive, demeaning or degrading situations because you believe that makes you strong or that you’re doing the right thing can be debilitating to the true self. If someone doesn’t recognize your value because of their insecurity, jealousy or unconsciousness don’t pander to them. You’re not doing them or you, any favors.

So Feel your feelings.

This week with the Strength card maybe we have to slow down and take a step back from our valiant efforts toward growth. Tending to our more passionate, ambitious, angry, territorial aspects of self can teach us much about ourselves. We all have wants and needs and you’re allowed yours as well. Maybe we need to move toward fulfillment instead of success for a minute allowing the scales of Justice to balance themselves.

Get in touch with the inner artist and allow her to express as does the Page of Cups. Maybe your Aphrodite is calling you and romance and fun are in the equation as with the Knight of Cups. Friendship, laughter and conviviality work wonders for the spirit and a sense of playfulness may be just what’s on order as you engage the 3 of Cups.

Trust your intuition and align that with your higher, bigger, better self as you would with the Star card.

You may not be able to know everything but you can most certainly Know What You Know.

And that, we would highly recommend.

Have a great week.

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