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Tarot Class- 1st & 3rd Monday Evenings 2020

Updated: Feb 20, 2020

Are you interested in learning the Tarot? Have you felt pulled to read the Cards but not sure where to begin? Try the Tarot Class!! The good news is you don’t have to be a mind reader to learn cards. Studying the Tarot is a fun and interesting way to develop the natural intuition you already have.

Spiritual Development can be fun and deep at the same time!!

Attending group classes is an effective way to start the process. You not only receive the guidance of an experienced teacher and reader you also have the added benefit of discussion with other like-minded people with similar interests and ideas.

This group is supportive of your growth and awareness in so many ways! You’ll learn Tarot definitions, the Celtic Cross Spread, Metaphysical Laws & Truths but mainly we’ll explore spiritual development through your own life experiences. Life is the best teacher and the Universe is a mirror. The Tarot is an excellent tool for in-depth, committed spiritual development because of it’s imagery as a reflection of self on all levels; emotional, spiritual, mental and physical.

You’ll learn more than Tarot with each of these classes as we lay out an eleven card Celtic Cross and intuitively discuss each card and allow the story to unfold. We’ll discover how each person relates personally to the lay out as well as how the cards reveal the shared dynamics and commonalities with the group.

Please bring a journal and a pen specifically for recording the Tarot spreads, insights and messages you’ll be given with each class.

RSVP required. Contact me at (412) 310-0400 or email

9 Love Place, Pittsburgh Pa 15218

Begins: February 3rd, 2020 (Bi-Monthly & Ongoing)

Fee: $25 per class

With each class you receive a message!


With each class you’ll learn:

  • Definitions and hidden meanings of the cards

  • How to blend the cards to create a whole and balanced reading

  • Techniques to enhance your intuition

  • Practice reading for yourself and others

  • The latest information about the Tarot

If you’d like to develop a deeper awareness of the Tarot join us for

Tarot Class the 1st & 3rd Monday of the month at 7:00 - 9:30PM.

Please bring your own deck of cards or feel free to use mine.

You’ll also need a Tarot journal for note taking and idea gathering.

Rebecca is a professional Tarot Card Reader & teacher with 18 years experience, a Spiritual Counselor, Reiki Master, Teacher, Meditation Facilitator. She's inspired to live her own independent study of the Tarot on a daily basis as well as exploring other Spiritual and Psychological philosophies and healing modalities such as The I Ching, Meditation, Reiki, Qabalah, Shamanism, Dream Interpretation, Numerology, Crystals, Seth Books, Channeling, Herbs, Development of the Psychic, Pathwork of Self Transformation, Astrology and much more.

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