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The Hierophant Reversed Herbal Tarot

The Hierophant reversed is the non-conformist who breaks free of tradition while maintaining high ideals. The tendency with this energy is to always do the ‘right’ thing so we’ll often see approval seeking behavior coming along with it. In reverse its more about taking a step back and checking to see if in doing the right thing we’re actually sacrificing our authenticity in the process. Working with this card, reversed in particular, the most prominent theme becomes growth instead of piety, truth instead of justification, freedom instead of control and openness instead of limitation.

Growth isn’t something we control or hide behind it’s something that sets us free as we

walk upon new paths of development. In seeking enlightenment the mind needs to be open as the Soul takes center stage. If it isn’t we’ll have an inner battle for the ages on our hands. The wisdom of Soul seems to be guiding us toward a return to the true self and the knowing that has helped us along in the past.

Personally, maybe the new path is the old way only seen through the light of a new perspective. Collectively, it’s the breaking down of the old structures so new ones can be built which are better suited for the future and its children. In this way the hierarchal standards of the past are shifted to allow for more flexibility and a larger breath of life.

Maintaining individuality within the masses can be challenging as everyone clamors to be heard but very few take the time to listen. The rhythm of the natural world can be an excellent guide as to the pace we’re wanting to keep. The magnificence of the cosmos informs us as it joins our intuition to do it’s magical dance. Life gives us the messages we’re needing in the form of magnetism and repulsion. Our thoughts show us the quality of our state of mind by the level of clarity and consciousness.

Sage refers to Wisdom as well as the healing and culinary herb. Sage’s healing properties

are many and they include boosting cognitive function, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, is known to ease menopause, is good for bones as well as oral care. The original treatment was for snakebites back in the day and we all know that energetic snake bites sure do summon forth a great bit of wisdom.

Wisdom says that life is an inter-weaving of both the light and the dark as indicated by the pillars in the background. We see the figure in the card turning from the dark pillar (or toward it depending on your interpretation, they’re all valid) having gleaned the insight needed to strike the balance between the two. This is a wonderful place for healing to occur.

We needn’t constantly fear the dark when we’ve integrated our own darkness and not projected it onto the world. The best spiritual protection is to know your own shadowy parts and not fall prey to the illusions or lesser truths. Also, it’s not a good idea to stare at your shadow for too long, it might stare back for just as long!

As we break free from old ideology and religious and patriarchal dogma we’re invited to summon what it is truly sacred to the forefront. A true sense of self, a higher way of thinking and a reverence for All that Is shows us the importance and the deeper meaning of the Soul as well as the whole being in our everyday worlds.

The Hierophant reversed saying slow down, step back and find the Sacred within the self, revere that and begin to see that in others as well. It’s time to get in touch with your own inner High Priest, your sagacity, your wisdom and you’ll see exactly how much you’ve grown and how you are beautifully, wonderfully and magnificently still the same authentic person that you always have been. Just more so now.

Have a great week.

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