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The High Priest - The Herbal Tarot

The Hierophant traditionally speaks of orthodoxy, conformity, rules and regulations. It can represent the cold rigidity of religion, the legal system or the hierarchy of corporations and large institutions such as governments, universities or hospitals.

It has it’s foothold in lines such as ‘This is always the way it’s been done’ or more likely ‘We can’t do things another way because we’ve always done it this way’. This is an energy that expects you to bow down and ‘kiss the ring’ as in the ways of old royalty, the good old boys club and the mafia.

Well another president has been impeached, Harry is leaving the royal family, religions are having to rethink their stance on life and God and corporations are losing credibility as fast as they can blink.

It’s here that entitlement shows it’s ugly head as people use phrases such as ‘legitimate need’ or I’ve suffered more for what I have therefore I deserve __________ more than other people.

Is there such a thing as an illegitimate need? Want maybe, but not need.

We’re changing and folks aren’t conforming to the old ways anymore. People are standing up so

corruption can be put down. Fair democracy is fighting for it’s life and bribery, lies, inequality, violence and discrimination are literally ‘on trial’. This is a very good thing.

Even with all of it’s chaos and fear-mongering this calling out needs to be done. It requires courage and steadfast earnestness and a powerful desire to see clearly the correct way forward.

We’re navigating new territory here with climate change happening and political parties having to shift and change with the growing demands of the people. Diversity requires that we summon openness, thoughtfulness, compassion and problem solving skills so a new world can be born.

The Hierophant in it’s best sense is the bridge between God and People. Like the Shaman, the High Priest allows the wisdom of the higher self, enlightened entities and source to flow through. Here we receive Sage Advice or words that pass along wisdom and strong guidance to those who are in need.

We’re not in a battle as to who can be the nicest or who can say they helped more people or even who can wear themselves out the most by smothering other folks.

We’re in a battle of truth, justice, awareness and accountability for self as well as our part in the collective consciousness or lackthereof. The old ways are changing, just not without a fight. Old habits die hard but they do die.

We’re needing to wake up and we are.

With the Hierophant this week it’s a good time to examine the code one lives by and see if it’s in alignment with the new goals and who we’re becoming. If the old rules you’ve designated for yourself aren’t working you’re more than welcome to change them. New ideas and new ways of being are attempting to emerge from the depths. Allow your energy some freedom and movement and see what’s created.

Allow spirit to work through you and for you. Let’s allow ourselves to bend so we don’t break. And act upon that which we know is the right thing to do.

Have a great week.

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