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The High Priestess - Druid Craft Tarot

Happy Hanukah, Happy Kwanza, Merry Christmas and belated Happy Solstice my friends. May only the best make it’s way to your doorsteps and may Love, Abundance, Peace and Happiness rule your heart and fill your home.

I’m really loving the ‘Portal’ feeling of The High Priestess this week. Feeling drawn toward the mystical magic of something beautiful, deep and very Soulful. A powerful omni-potent presence is assured so create a little time for the mysteries to make themselves known to you. Open and receive the love and truth intended only for you. Peace, Peace and More Peace.

The High Priestess - Druid Craft Tarot

I’m so drawn to the crescent moon above this woman’s head. The light is shining down on

the top of her head creating the true meaning of the Crown chakra, literally, wearing a crown. Relax, meditate and open yourself to new ideas as well as ways to complete the past with compassion and forgiveness.

It seems the dragons on her stomach have found their counterpart balancing each other beautifully. Her kundalini rises effortlessly with passion, emotion and courage erupting from her being.

The stars on the bottom of her skirt represent the cosmos gracing the earth with a dusting

of grace. Deeply connected she’s creating her own kind of magic. Within her is a combination of earth and sky as she opens her heart we see a bridge to the truth.

The Book, her own personal Tora, the secrets of the Shekinah, the Feminine face of God. Reach up and touch this Beauty, feel it with everything you have and allow it to change you, mold you and move you toward your destiny. Offer up gratitude and respect to Goddess with joy and celebration, strength and conviviality.

With the energy of the High Priestess you’ll know your on path by the peace you feel in your soul and the clarity of your mind. Your task will be clear and your purpose full of passions, drives and desires. Want more, open more, receive more and think less.

You’ll find more truth in your words and more honesty in your actions each according to their own divine blueprint. You’ll grow, and change and make a difference in this oh so, chaotic world and you’ll enjoy every second of it. Just share of yourself and your authenticity, your beauty, your joy and your sorrow.

Let your Soul shine with wisdom and caring and be not afraid of the changes to come but embrace them knowing full well that you’re stepping up and onto a new plateau and a new way of being.

A new stage is being set and you’re the actors creating the play to the rhythm of the drama within your souls. Which will it be; a comedy or a tragedy? Remember the only difference between the two is finding out in time to do something about it.

Step into your full divine power and know that All is Energy, All is Mind, All is Manifest, All is with You and All is Now.

Intuition, receptivity and the power of the feminine will reign heavily this week. It’s My wish that you allow yourself to receive every blessing that she sends your way and to share those with others if you so choose.

You are very, very Loved and magical being. After all you're a Child of the One on Most High and this is the time to accept that and take your rightful place. Make your own magic and begin to create the life you’ve so deeply wanted for so very, very long. The Portal is open so make your move.

You are the master of your domain, ruler of your world and the captain of your ship. Steer her well and wisely knowing without a doubt that you’ll reach the other shore in tact, on time and better for having taken the journey.

Many Blessings and Have a great week!

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