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The World (R) - Morgan Greer Tarot

The World Reversed - Morgan Greer Tarot

Aquarius, Scorpio, Taurus, Leo

The awareness of world that’s so much larger than us can be palpable right now, entering and exiting like the breath of a new heartbeat. Moving into the fifth month of covid-19 and it’s transformational qualities can be weighing heavy. Uncertainties about what’s to come sit staunchly on our minds and in our hearts as we tenuously make plans to move forward.

The continued push of volcanic revolutionary energies serves to uproot the deadened isolated cells of America to the surface so we don’t suffocate in a self-created cancer of distorted and dysfunctional beliefs.

Pluto, the shadow, the dark night makes her way across the zodiac with Eres whispering un-sweet nothings in her ear dangerously dallying with our subtle sensibilities.

Oppression creates breathing complications as we feel the limitations and restrictions pushing down on us.

I see this World as a combination of the Hanged Man and the Emperor, Uranus and Aries, passivity made more frustrated by the aggressive nature of the desire to maintain control and power, personally and collectively. We’ve all seen it on a larger scale and probably on a smaller one as well. It steals personal power and energy leaks become toxic to those who engage.

Look inside remember who you are and connect with what is that you love. Stoke your inner fire with your own truth not the words or ideas of others.

Patience while new alternatives reveal themselves and perseverance applied toward inner growth and protection of the sacred sanctuary are the necessary components of today.

Sophia is still dancing her way through the cosmos wisely releasing the old, utilizing what’s decaying as a powerful foundation for the birthing of a new way of life.

Yes, much of the past is over but remember that the future is willingly tugging to take it’s place.

Staying in the Now, the Present powerfully, kindly, lovingly and willingly will smooth out the labor pains of the process.

Take one step at a time, put one foot in front of the other as the cycle is almost complete. The fixed signs of the zodiac and their qualities will continue to support us in creating bigger, better and higher platforms.

Much Love.

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