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3 of Pentacles - Morgan Greer Tarot

Mastery, talent, building and priorities all take center stage when we see the 3 of Pentacles. Investments of time, energy and attention are necessary so it’s important to remove distractions as well as a tendency toward procrastination.

Astrologically this is Capricorn energy, the sure-footed merry goat that’s able to climb to new heights despite rough terrain and turbulent weather.

The grounded quality allows us to remain centered taking it one step at a time. Building is the strong suit of this sign. Here we know what we want and we’re willing to put in the work to achieve our goals.

Mastery indicates talent as well as skill and the willingness to put in the work. I usually see 3 gifts with this card that if honored and honed can blend and compliment each other to create a true work of art, a masterpiece.

Intuition, creativity and the ability to build are all part of the equation.

These then become the priority and we’ve set a fantastic goal for ourselves regardless of the project we’re working on.

Intuition can be developed through a commitment to listening to your inner voice and meditative practices, partaking in the High Priestess.

The creative trait is honed through activities such as painting, music, wood-working, photography, writing, etc., and can be seen in the Ace of Wands and Queen of Wands.

Learning to build comes with time and experience but some have a natural talent for it, a knack so to speak. If this is the case you’ll see a strong King of Pentacles influence and probably some workaholic tendencies. When building comes naturally and its enjoyable you can lean too heavily on it and become consumed by your work.

I’m guilty of this, careful, it can lead to burnout. Or shooting yourself in the foot by overbuilding and then we see the collapse come about because it’s all just too heavy to hold. Or you don’t have time for other people in your life and fulfillment and meaning begin to dissipate. Danger! Enjoy your life.

Most times this happens when your personal life is turbulent and you want a positive focus to help ground yourself. Remember to honor your work/life balance by celebrating with friends, enjoying a hobby and overall taking time to smell the roses. Then work your ass off!

I see the 3 of Pentacles this week as a fantastic sign. It feels well-rounded as we blend the traits of intuition, creativity and building. Let’s focus on staying clear on the priorities and therefore resisting distractions. Allow yourself to feel your feelings and if they are challenging channel them into one or all three of these avenues and see what happens.

Commit to your highest and best self by honing your own personal genius, the sensuality of your soul, your ‘Je ne sais quoi’. Stay connected to All That Is and keep your heart open so you can feel your way forward as well as envision all the lovely experiences that are headed your way. Do more things that you like to do and less of what you don’t like.

You may find that your intense energy is the perfect fuel to move you toward your destiny in the way that’s right for you.

Have a great week.

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