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6 of Pentacles: Balancing the Scales, English Countryside Tarot

It was a New Moon in Capricorn on Sunday the 2nd and a great time to set the intentions to make your goals a reality. There's still time and this Card is a wonderful Omen for doing just that. Hope you enjoy.

Astro: Taurus, Virgo & Capricorn: Strong Emphasis on Taurus, Creativity and Sensuality

Time Frame: 6 Months

Strong Foundation, Generosity, Balancing the Scales

Here we are with the 6’s and quite organically. I mentioned before that we’re in a Lover’s year and in the Tarot that’s the number 6. There are 4 minor arcana cards that align with this energy: 6 of Cups, 6 of Wands, 6 of Swords and 6 of Pentacles. I pulled a card today as to what Spirit wanted me to write about and the 6 of Pentacles is the result.

Let’s look at the imagery. The first thing I’m drawn to are the scales and the center pillar looks nice and solid. This represents engaging the world from a strong center, in an upright manner, being honest and clear but most of all having eliminated the distractions from your connection. This connection could be with your God-Self, your Creativity, your Inner Worlds, your Love, your Work, any Higher Path, symbolized by the top of the pillar.

The Base of the Pillar or foundation is crucial here. If this base wasn’t wide enough then we’d

easily be thrown off balance. As Above So Below. When we release that which isn’t broad enough to be supportive we make room for that which IS vast and expansive yet solid and strong.

We expand and naturally ‘that which is like unto itself will come’. g, no selfishness, no coercing and no manipulation (6 of Pentacles reversed) necessary, just good old-fashioned attraction.

True generosity can’t be contrived or faked because it’s something born from and received by the feeling nature, the emotions and that which we ‘sense’ to be right and true. When we embrace balance and healing our intuitive abilities expand exponentially. Healing lets us know we’re safe which allows for opening and receptivity, comfort and an easy flow. All required traits to maintain a healthy connection and feel-good hormones.

Giving AND receiving is the key to the upright 6 of Pentacles.

It’s very difficult to be playful, fun and open if we don’t feel safe or trust our environment (6 of Cups reversed). So the distractions could be toxic and fear based. Eliminate them. Release the situations that frighten you, that don’t summon the better parts of you, the bad influences that don’t have your best interests at heart. Do what you know you need to do with honesty and compassion for yourself.

I always say to let your Truth be a Sharp Sword, quick and effective and to the point. A Dull Sword is always more painful and stressful.

Within the scales we see one side with coins and the other with fruit. This speaks to a need to enjoy the fruits of one’s labor. Having a good work/life balance is crucial to health and well-being. What’s the sense of working so hard if you don’t intend on enjoying yourself?

Making plans for fun, creative pursuits, downtime and sensuality may ensure that life doesn’t become stale. A steady diet ensures nourishment and some exercise helps everything move through the way that it should.

It looks as if some karma has been released, the scales are balanced, flow has been restored and trust and generosity return to the Kingdom. Very nice! Congratulations! Those karmic situations can be long, painful and nasty... yet everything has its purpose. Sigh.

Now the work to be done is to maintain a connection to well-being, staying grounded and focusing on the path of your destiny, the place(s) that you’ve always wanted and needed to go. It’s all opening up for you and you’re the honored guest. Own it, embrace it and enjoy it. Try not to overthink it.

Learn the lessons of the past and let those situations go. C’est la vie.

There’s so much more Excitement, Life and Love to come and my hope is that you live it to the fullest every day and to the very best of your ability.

Much Love,


Rebecca Bloom is a Spiritual Mentor, Professional Tarot Card Reader, Medium, Reiki Master & Teacher & Meditation/Drumming Facilitator. She’s been practicing professionally since 2002 and resides on the East End of the City with her Master of Zen and beloved Therapy Cat Sampson.

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