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9 of Pentacles - Morgan Greer Tarot

Astro: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn (Strong Emphasis on Virgo)

Independent, discerning and kind the person in the 9 of Pentacles values a sense of autonomy, a belonging to ones self. Yes, there are usually material comforts with this energy and with that comes a powerful appreciation for the blessings that we’ve received.

Gratitude always brings more of what we’re grateful for.

This represents the feminine aspect of self whether that be within a woman or a man and it speaks of a person who values the self-made archetype. I’ll refer to this energy as ‘she’ from here on out although it speaks to men as well.

I recently heard someone say that no-one is actually ‘self-made’. That we don’t do anything on our own but we do it with assistance of Spiritual Law and the Divine. I agree with that wholeheartedly and I would invite you to explore this concept a little more in your own life. We live within the spiritual fascia of life, an interconnected web. We’re more supported than we know and that feels good.

However, with the 9 of Pentacles there is a sense of not being dependent on another person or a larger set structure as in a family, corporation or the government (The Hierophant) within the 9 of Pentacles.

This is truly a no-strings attached person but one who understands the value of honesty as well as

connection. That to me is self-made. Having taken opportunities that have been presented by life and made something from them. Carving out a real self and a meaningful life in a responsible and methodical way.

9’s represent closure, completing a cycle. Old dynamics won’t continue on the way that they were. There’s too much water under the bridge, growth has occurred and this energy really isn’t interested in being anywhere they’re not valued. And comfortably so. There is no ‘fear of missing out’ as they value who and what is in their life.

Yet, there’s still creativity and inspiration. Now in reality, that’s a great harvest!

The Harvest represented here can be in terms of spiritual lessons learned, financial security, being single after a bad relationship or overall winning freedom from a very serious oppressor. This oppressor can be within the family unit, relationships, career or society at large.

Most importantly this beast can live within you as old beliefs and feelings about not-enoughness can creep to the surface when you’d least like or expect them to.

So here we overthrow the inner oppressor which can begin with ferreting out what the I-ching calls the original Corruption. Those are the sins visited upon the mother and father and then passed down to the children. Quite frequently this is crafted around one’s station in life and what’s believed to possible or not possible.

Artists may feel oppressed by supplemental jobs that pay the bills but require a lot of their time because they’d rather be painting, sculpting, playing music and so on. When they’re finally able let go of the responsibilities they can focus on their craft, their ‘divine’ inheritance. That’s a sense of freedom. Not to be lazy so to speak but to redirect the focus on more pleasurable, creative work with a time-table that suits them and their lifestyle.

Ask anyone who meditates as a discipline and they will tell you that it might be easier to get up

early some days and do grueling construction work than to meditate. There’s a direction that’s given by an outside source and that creates the structure of a persons life, for better or for worse. That’s freedom for some folks. Ask anyone who has a family to feed and they finally get a job that pays enough. Going to work every day IS freedom. It’s freedom from worry, stress and anxiety about how you’re going to feed your family and for yet others that exact situation feels like captivity and they would rather have the time to meditate.

It’s truly all relative to your individual situation, needs and wants.

With the 9 of Pentacles self-direction is guided by inspiration that’s largely mined from the Heart. Follow your bliss. It’s not always as easy as it seems.

You’ll notice on this rendition the garb looks a bit like that of a High Priestess. There’s a spiritual bent to this. She understands the workings of the Mystical aspects of life AND puts them into action. She knows the secrets but she won’t gloat.


Because she also knows there’s so much she doesn’t know. Respect for the unknown elements within situations is the wise one’s secret. She knows what she needs to know and that’s enough. For now.

There’s a sense of cultivating ones divine inheritance within the pentacles and we really begin to feel this with the 8 of Pentacles (apprenticeship) and it will continue into the 10 of Pentacles. That’s where we really see the magic in the mundane world. Just the other day I did a group of readings and someone asked me what ‘magic in the mundane world’ meant. I was a bit put off and then after a little thought I realized that it was a good question.

It’s a way of saying that it IS magic to have enough. The Universe is working in ways to conspire that we have what we want. It reacts to our vibration which is a combination of emotions, actions, thoughts and circumstances.

This lady understands that much in the 9 of Pentacles or at least is coming to understand.

There’s a sense of long-term commitment and healthy discipline in the 9 of Pentacles. A commitment to carve out one’s authenticity, autonomy and truth over an extended period of time. This isn’t a one-trick-pony energy this is the whole shebang, the big show, your really doing it kind of energy.

You’ve come this far, don’t stop now.

In terms of relationships this would be a very real and good friendship. It means the folks we are interacting with are on the same page. Independence and intelligence are valued and yet there’s an affinity, a feel-good that allows for support and conviviality sans the adolescent control and chaotic drama of the earlier pentacles such as the 2 and the 5.

It means we encourage the best in those we love and care for and that’s given in return. As well as lots of creative space. This takes work, willingness to endure and the capacity to hold multiple emotions at one time.

I’ve seen the 9 of Pentacles appear for folks who are in loyal, committed relationships as well as single. She does like her space so it doesn’t bode well for living together but all the other elements are there. Her advice would be ‘If it’s not broke, don’t fix it’. It’s not necessary to force a relationship into society’s standards if it’s working just fine the way it is. That may change in time but for now it’s good.

The 9 of Pentacles will give it to you straight in the best of ways and will summon from you the strength to go the long haul in a very real and yet oddly mystical way. If you want someone to blow smoke up your butt this isn’t your gal.

If you want someone who sees you as valuable and will encourage freedom, commitment, resilience, diligence, integrity, resourcefulness, fun and honesty then she’ll be at your side.

She’ll help you to hone your own magic and craft your individual sense of self. And will request that in return.

She makes a good ally, a fantastic muse and a very creative lover.

That’s if you can make it that far.

Much Love,


Rebecca Bloom is a Spiritual Mentor, Professional Tarot Card Reader, Medium, Reiki Master & Teacher & Meditation/Drumming Facilitator. She’s been practicing professionally since 2002 and resides on the East End of the City with her Master of Zen and beloved Therapy Cat Sampson.

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