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Bessie Coleman - Ace of Swords

Ace of Swords - Action, Equality, Truth, Focus

Bessie Coleman - Our Tarot, Sarah Shipman

In 1920 Bessie Coleman, Chicago born, was accepted into a French Aviation Flight school and in 1921 she became the first African/Native American woman to earn an international aviation license.

She then traveled to the Netherlands and Germany to study with the top pilots of her time. Returning to America she launched her career in barnstorming and traveled America delivering a powerful message of equality and freedom.

Bessie encouraged and negotiated single, not segregated, entrances to her flying events.

All people would walk through one entrance together if they wanted to see her fly. And what a sight she was to see!

The Pittsburgh Courier stated that she was “Death-Defying Bird-Woman” as she was as charismatic as she was able and intelligent.

A powerful public speaker she combined her talent with her moral beliefs to create a fair, more balanced and equal way of life for women and for people of color.

An Aviatrix ahead of her time she announced “The air is the only place free from prejudices.’

On April 30th 1926 Ms. Coleman died as her plane spiraled out of control and she flew to the ground. She lived and died engaging her passions and honoring her truth as well as her purpose. It’s my guess that she was true to her very Soul. The Soul that knew what it meant to truly be free.

The Ace of Swords advises that we get clear about what it is that we’re wanting to achieve and to make plans for the future. The new cycle is beginning and the time is ripe for change.

Fresh ideas will be integrated and what’s not working will fall away. Here we make space for what we’re wanting and are able to set the stage for those bigger more aggressive hopes, dreams and goals.

This can mean that we leave behind situations that we’ve outgrown and yes this comes with some melancholy but the enthusiasm that’s felt once you’re out of your comfort zone is well worth the price!

The Ace of Swords summons the visionary qualities of those who can see a better future for everyone. And you’re being called.

Integrate equality and fairness in all that you do and change can be achieved. It’s time we align with the lofty ideals of the Coleman’s of the world and set the stage for the grand adventures yet to come.

Takeaway - Get clear and be honest with yourself about what’s working and what isn’t. Make a plan, take action to bring in the new. How can you free yourself of any distractions from your main goal? Can you make a list of your intentions and do one thing, large or small, every day to make those dreams and goals your reality? What is one small way that you can encourage equality and fairness into this world every day?

Focus, focus, focus: on Equality, Truth and Clarity.

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