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Can you See the Light-Worker in Yourself? - The Chariot - Part 2

The Chariot #7 = 2023

Hi Everyone! Happy New Year, I hope you’re doing well!

This is a Spiritual write-up relating to Light-workers in the world; the challenges and the gifts. Not so much a psychological perspective, but one of the Soul and its perspective. These descriptions are based on my experiences in Readings, Healings and Otherwise and therefore my understandings.

Being a light-worker can feel more like a compulsion to seek the Light and to be helpful in the world, then a gift and can lead to feeling emotionally out of balance, exhausted and lost. When you're on the right path of a light-worker you simply feel fulfilled by helping others which can be addicting.

Reminder: Being too 'Good' can be just as damaging as being too 'Bad'. Balance and Perspective are key.

I hope you find this helpful and I'd love to hear your feedback!

Thank you to all of you who continue to shine your light in this world of divisiveness, adversity, birthing and change. We love you.

The Merkaba & Light-Workers

The Chariot Tarot Card can represent the Merkaba, a high-vibrational energy symbolizing Light-workers, ie, guiding lights, lighthouses, shining ones, healers, mothers, readers, teachers and leaders, counselors, attorneys, writers, artists and musicians, volunteers. This is the Number 7.

The Merkaba is overseen and encouraged by Archangel Metatron, a powerful Divine presence

Merkaba - Metatron's Cube

capable of infusing one with courage, clarity and determination. Requesting sincere assistance from this most loving being will prove to be fruitful in moving forward. Meditation with the Merkaba symbol is extremely healing and will quickly shift your energy to more positivity.

Light-workers are intelligent, courageous and high vibrational beings that simply guide the way forward and enlighten the path before you. They can and will step in but only if need be. They provide much needed insight and foresight and can help you find your way forward, especially when you’re hurting the most.

It’s important to remember that many people respect and appreciate Light-workers. Pay attention to those folks who show their gratitude, love and affection for your energy and presence.

Taking in their positive affirmation can be uplifting and encourage you to show more

graciousness in the face of adversity. They could be letting you know that you’ve influenced them in a positive way and they're following your lead.

You may not be being taken for granted - you may simply be doing hard work.

Most Light-workers are connected with and listen to God/Goddess, Angels, Guides, Warrior Spirits, Saints and Universal Ancestors, Higher Self and Mother Nature. This is necessary for their own growth and aids in the ability to pass along the wisdom to those who would benefit from it.

Light-workers will frequently stay on the sidelines or even remain unseen in the background. Some light-workers prefer to remain out of the limelight due to extreme sensitivity and a lack of interest in too much attention.

On the other hand, some light workers love being social and have no fear of the negativity and

overwhelm the limelight can sometimes bring. It’s perceived as growth, helps them fulfill their mission and they love it!

The most important goal for light workers is that they remain connected to their Source of light, positivity and energy regardless of what’s going on in the world.

Meditation, animals and being in nature are the easiest and most powerful ways to maintain a positive connection. Creative projects, exercise, breathing techniques, yoga, chanting, sound healing and positive spiritual reading are good habits to form.

If light-workers become disconnected from that beautiful source, strange manifestations begin to occur. Feelings of extreme fatigue, grey energy, gut problems, depression, anger, resentment, nausea, lightheadedness, dizziness, problems with the eyes, heart palpitations, powerful emotional swings, problems with the legs and feet and eventually illness can arise. Could mean your heart chakra is closed and you need to take in more love and affection.

This is very similar to psychic attack and that does happen.

Solutions include clearing with sage, cleansing your environment, energy work, moving toward more positivity, improving diet, releasing negative connections, good health and regaining strength and dealing with the problems at hand.

Allow these negative situations to guide you to recommit to your energetic connection, reaffirm your belief in Spirit and up-level your self-care routine. You become stronger, more resilient, wiser and less vulnerable to the whims of other peoples dysfunctional needs. Say NO. Tell discarnate beings they are not allowed in your energy field and to go back to where they came from.

The desire to serve can be compulsive, overwhelming and it can be very painful to witness the suffering of the world.

For light-workers to shine their light, maintaining confidence is a high priority. Strong boundaries and a determined focus on personal goals can be helpful, even life-saving.

It’s difficult for light-workers to think only of themselves, it’s quite literally pathological and can be annoying on both sides of the equation. It’s a path, a purpose, it’s a Spiritual Calling and it won’t stop until you heed it. Self-acceptance is key.

Creating inner harmony and understanding is a valuable personal goal and it feels great to make a difference in the world from an inner foundation of abundance, understanding and compassion, not fear and scarcity. The magic of the Soul is the best healing balm you have, and it's easily accessible through meditation.

You are much more powerful than you realize. You came equiped with everything you need.

Frequently, light-workers get wake-up calls through the vein of narcissistic, cruel, selfish and overly dominant, egotistical and controlling people. The word of the year is ‘gaslighting' as I’ve seen on multiple occasions. Empaths are extremely vulnerable to this concept. You’ll know it’s happening when someone says ‘you’re too sensitive’ and ‘you’re crazy’ and then goes on to blame you for their issues, mental health problems, unhealthy habits, poor behavior and treatment of you, dysfunctional dynamics, emptiness, inability to connect and feelings of unrequited love.

On the other hand empaths are easily triggered until the deeper wounds have healed. Something simple such as a small gesture or a phrase could elicit painful or euphoric repressed emotions from this lifetime or other lifetimes. Caring for your nervous system is vital. Learn to gently self-soothe, have compassion for yourself and release the pain through repeated efforts. Take time to be alone with yourself, beware of burnout.

Celebrate your strengths and learn from your weaknesses. Leverage the difficulty.

Finding the right tribe or relationship for comfort and support can feel like a safe haven for the sensitivities of these Empaths. You will most certainly know when you’re in the wrong group as the stress and pain will feel exhausting. It just won’t feel right at a gut level. Trust it. Continue to move forward on your path, searching for those that you find the most comforting.

The right group of people will encourage your creative brilliance, support you through challenges and celebrate your victories. They will allow you to do the same for them. You will be included in the conversation, seen and heard and feel as if you are a valuable part.

They will not and should not, walk on eggshells around your wounds, show pity or withhold parts of themselves for you to feel comfortable and vice versa. If you’re not up for it then let that be known.

Reciprocity, humor, openness, vulnerability and strength, compassion and fun and caring will be present within these groups at different times.

Here is a list of common traits for a light-worker. You may resonate with all or only some of these traits:
















Honest to a Fault


Seemingly Naive

Light-workers are here to serve humanity in it’s evolutionary swing into the next vibration. Being of service does not mean being a doormat or being abused. Learn to say no to the unfair demands of

The Chariot Legacy of the Divine

others and move away from cruel treatment, even if you understand it’s coming from their own wounds. Refrain from getting caught-up in other peoples dramas when it’s not your place to do so.

Remember, we’re all creating our own reality. Their drama may not be something they need to be rescued from but something they're engaging to keep them creativity functional, flowing forward or learning from. You may be trying to save them from the one thing that they need to keep them going and growing.

‘Learn to see from the perspective of the Soul.'

However, being a light-worker does mean putting in the hard work of growing yourself, self-control, resilience, being a positive influence, having fun, practicing presence, understanding, compassion, listening, acting on innovative awarenesses, being patient with those who are growing, constructively helping those who can’t help themselves, teaching, volunteering, sharing kindness and inspiring people to keep moving toward more love and truth even when they don’t want to. Leading by example we treat others as we'd like to be treated.

Light-workers are spiritually powerful and connected entities that came to serve humanity during times of awakening. Frequently, they’ve had challenging upbringings that have forced them to become more self-reliant and encouraged independent thinking so they don’t fall into the trappings of egoic concerns.

Spiritual development and deeper understanding of the Soul, its symbols, its language and its purpose is beneficial. Exploration of your inner world is important for feelings of comfort, emotional safety and physical health. After all, we’re here to experience more of ourselves through the vein of our chosen circumstances and personalities.

There may be long periods of loneliness and feelings of not belonging. This is so Light-workers are free to follow their inner guidance and act spontaneously. Spirit is always available for companionship, so have faith in your invisible friends. Time spent developing your creative and spiritual gifts will be rewarded and often times this requires solitude.

More friends will come in the outer world when you’ve completed your cycle of growth and have healed enough to let them in. You’re being given space in accordance with your Soul and Spirit to develop at your pace.

Light-workers are especially comfortable and healthy in relationships with people who respect sensitivity within women and men. This doesn't mean they walk on eggshells, it simply means they have a wide and deep emotional capacity.

Spiritual maturity or old souls are usually Light-workers and it's common to at first pair-up with those who are not as seasoned, of course with some difficulty. Looking for a partner who respects wisdom, intelligence and is ready to be loved is key for Light-workers to carry on in successful relationships.

Keeping a positive and open mindset and maintaining self-confidence goes a long way.

Boundaries are important. Learning to say yes or no to the appropriate situations can be a time and energy saver. Being true to yourself and trusting your intuitive inclinations brings balance and comfort to the Soul, the Emotional body and the Nervous System.

Even though you may feel different, unwelcome, uncomfortable and challenged; you belong here. You’re healing and growing just as others are.

You are here to make a difference, to serve and to enlighten. ‘Saving’ others could prove to be a dysfunctional and defeatist attitude, suffocating and oppressing the Soul. Might be helpful to outgrow that archetype.

You’re a child of the Universe, no less than the moon and the start and the trees and the grass.

You matter, you belong and you’re more than welcome here.

Namaste and Much Love,


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