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Celebrating the Feminine - Empathy, Emotions and The Queen of Cups

Hi Everyone! Hope you’re doing well. It’s a great weekend for spending some time near water or indulging your inner Artist. The first of our Queens is the Queen of Cups. If you’re an Empath or connected with one, this is the energy for you. Not easy, yet very rewarding! Small doses of everything work well for this emotional powerhouse.

Message from Spirit: for Women and Men. Celebrate your feeling nature, open your heart, be generous, forgiving and understanding. Move forward with joy in your soul and gratitude for all that you are. Open to the new with excitement and trust. Many blessings are unfolding for you and those around you. Allow yourself to receive everything you’re needing and wanting, it’s all there for you! In service, trust and truth. Atzman (My Team).

Peace to you and yours. (Schedule A Reading)

The Queen of Cups - Empathy, Availability, Emotionality

You’ll most frequently see the Queen of Cups in or beside water that’s because she represents your feeling nature. She’s the emotional queen of the deck. Water in the Tarot represents the Emotions.

This energy is the epitome of what it means to be an Empath. She can ‘feel’ the room and if she’s not careful she can absorb the energy and like the proverbial psychic sponge, carry it home with her. Good boundaries are a must and making enjoyment a top priority will lead to self-trust and positive outcomes.

The Queen of Cups wants to FEEL good. And she has every right to that desire, regardless of what’s going on in the world. She has a tendency to feel too much undeserved guilt because she really struggles with the suffering of the world.

When you pull this Queen right way up it indicates not only emotional availability (for women and men) but she has a powerful urge to merge! Yep, this lady or gent, is open for connecting and means to make it so. Be careful, when this Urge begins to wane, she may wonder what she was thinking.

Positive thinking, progressive ideas and good natured fun are mental intercourse for this sensitive soul. Romantically, if she’s in Love, she’s capable of full-body, multiple orgasms and will take you to places you’ve never imagined before. Yeah, she’s steamy but unlike the Queen of Wands, you won’t know it until you’re there. To get to this place she needs to FEEL good, safe and desired. She needs to trust you and if she doesn’t, think twice, she’ll only drown you in her watery pool of repulsion and disgust.

If you pull this card reversed, this wonderful vat of emotions in not available. Period. Whether already committed or tending to wounds, doesn’t matter. They’re not available and no amount of outward prodding is going to change this, at least for the foreseeable future. It’s okay, keep moving forward, you may connect further down the road.

One rare trait of the Queen of Cups, that most folks aren’t aware of, is that she also summons deep emotions from others. You can suddenly feel strong emotions, either positive or negative, around this archetypal healer. She can’t help it, it's in her nature, and she’s usually not aware of it herself. She’s motherly, Cancerian by nature and most times she’ll Love you as soon as look at you.

She’s frequently confused by other people’s behavior around her and why they begin acting so odd or even mean-spirited with her. Her magnetism, like the Ocean, will just pull those deep-seated issues up to be dealt with and released. This can result in what feels like power-struggles.

This is the Healer in her and that’s part of the process; issues that come up from within to be released and the feeling nature to be cleared. This isn’t always pretty, but it’s not always ugly either. Life itself is our teacher and these are our lessons designed to make you stronger.

Most times, you’ll just feel better after being in her presence. Having her attention for a short time may be healing in and of itself. Consider it a beautiful gift.

If negative feelings arise for you around her, don’t blame her. That’s called projection, represented by The Moon card. Instead try taking responsibility for your own behavior. This is the Spiritual discipline of Self-Mastery. You’ll enrich your Soul and glean wonderful insights into who you really are. Check your shadow and clear your waters.

You may want to take a nice, cool dip in the deep waters of the Queen of Cups but first you’ll need to do your work. If you don’t, this won’t end well.

Reversed, she can be a hurricane, tornado, or a tropical storm at best, if hers or your intentions are dishonorable. Once triggered, those old pains and deep deceptions are challenging seas to navigate and you may find fury on your hands. Perfect Storm, anyone? Or, you’ll get the silent treatment. She’s as passive-aggressive as they come when she wants to be. She just may not feel safe sharing her visions, awareness and true feelings with you and if that’s the case, she won’t.

Still waters run deep, she’s friends with Neptune and she knows where the sharks are.

The Queen of Cups needs to be able to decipher between her own emotions and the energy of others. It’s a tough gig being an empath; sensitive, psychic and deep. Owning this can only help you. That way others won’t feel they have to walk on eggshells around your sensitivity and you can turn her trademark passivity into constructive, forward motion.

Forgiveness is an excellent tool. Letting go of pain, hurt and deception ensures that your waters don’t become toxic and it keeps the sharks at bay.

When you see the Queen of Cups it’s a message to trust your psychic senses, get in touch with your inner artist, purge and heal your emotions and to go where you feel seen, appreciated and valued.



Recommended Reading:

Mastery of the Self - Don Miguel Ruiz, jr.

Psychic Empath - Kimberly Moon

The Empath’s Survival Guide - Judith Orloff

Shadow-Work Journals are very helpful for Empaths.

Rebecca is a Spiritual Mentor, Professional Tarot Card Reader, Medium, Reiki Master & Teacher & Meditation/Shamanic Drum Facilitator. She’s been practicing professionally since 2002 and is proud to be working in collaboration with so many gifted and talented professionals in the Pittsburgh area. Rebecca resides and works on the East End with her zen master and therapy cat Sampson. For more information go to

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