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Esoteric - The Worlds Within

Esoteric means rare knowledge about a subject, usually relating to the inner worlds such as psychic or spiritual by nature. We see this displayed through Tarot, Astrology, Rune and Psychic Readings as well as Artistic endeavors such as painting and writing to name just a few.

For something to be esoteric as compared to exoteric it stems from inside the individual or

within a small group of people. In the Tarot this can be represented by the Hermit card or the search for one’s inner light.

The Hermit relates to individual thinking as compared to mass thinking. The importance of having ones own mind or way of viewing the world especially retaining to matters of depth contributes to a person’s sense of self or power in the world.

Our internal creates our external as the Universe is a mirror or ‘hall of mirrors’ and displays our beliefs, attitudes, fears and desires as manifested in the physical world.

In this sense Estoteric studies are useful when searching for meaning in life, pursuing a

particular path and understanding our world as it relates to our wisdom.

The earth or physical world can be described as a school of sorts teaching us to create from a deeper sense of Soul and to co-create with others as well as the Divine utilizing the elements and opportunities as tools for growth and self-discovery.

A sense of peace or healing can be achieved through such discovery as well as excitement and inspiration. Meditation, journaling, artistic endeavors, yoga, hiking and practicing presence are ways to enhance your esoteric awareness.

What are some ways in which you can find your inner light? How do you feel about your inner worlds on a daily basis? How would you describe them?

‘Know thyself, Know the Universe’

Much Love.


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