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Spiritual Transformation

Hi Everyone,

I hope this finds you well. Sampson (my cat) and I have been through quite the journey over the past year and a half. He’s made it through some health issues I’m thrilled to report and we’ve both made it through a powerful, spiritual transformation. It wasn’t the first and probably won’t be the last but I wanted to share some thoughts I have about this humbling and profoundly shifting process.

If you're going through this, my wish is that you find it helpful, knowing that the process doesn’t last forever, there is a purpose for all of this and the other shore is quite lovely and inspirational.

Also, I've listed Mediumship to my list of services so if you're interested in connecting you're welcome to go here to schedule.


Spiritual Transformation

Awakening and Spiritual Transformation are spurred on by the opening of the Heart center where old emotions are purified, hurts are healed and new growth begins to take root. During this process you may not feel ready to reconnect with the world, or other people again, but that day will come and transformations don’t last forever.

At first, solitude is necessary, patience is key and you do have the time to slow down and refresh

Death Card - Osho Zen Tarot

the nervous system. Sometimes travel and exploration are what’s called for but not just as a partying vacation but fresh energy and space to express and shift, dance and move.

Awakening is akin to consciousness and becoming more aware. Aware of who you are, what your Soul is seeking, gifts that have lain fallow, situations that aren’t serving you and why and where you belong to find what does serve you. And more importantly, what you can serve.

These are deeper truths that couldn’t surface unless something shocked them to life. Usually, in the form of being ‘triggered’ and your boat is certainly rocked when this happens. Maybe even capsized and then we learn to swim in the stormy seas of our own, sometimes treacherous, psyche.

The goal of transformation is to allow more Love into your life and more well-being to flow to and through you. This raises the energy levels and lifts us to a higher vibration but you won’t feel ‘high-vibe’ at first.

You will feel anything BUT that. We want you to know that this is part of the process; to feel negative emotions. Toxic positivity as a mask won’t work here. But know that down the road the authentic positivity does return. Only with realistic balance.

In solitude, we can relax and allow the blocks to be released. If we’re too busy or active we’re simply holding on to those blocks and they become part of the ‘mask’ we wear in an attempt to uphold an old, worn-out persona. This makes projection onto the world that much easier and more palatable for everyone…except you. You’re left holding the bag. And it’s usually filled with some deep doo-doo.

Although many people go through spiritual transformations each one is different just as each person is different with their unique set of gifts and challenges and dare I say Karma. Healing this requires a mind-shift into perceiving that you’re more free than you think you are. You're becoming more psychic, sensitive to the world of Spirit.

In the beginning, the process can feel nothing short of brutal. It's messy, mucky, ungrounded, frightening and unapologetically despairing and dark. Isolation is one of the first steps simply because it’s nearly impossible to be social in any appropriate way.

There’s a tendency to overshare and to be emotional at the most awkward of times leading to

9 of Swords - Afro Goddess Tarot

more feelings of inadequacy and lack when we act upon our extreme emotional pain. We could also pull people toward us and then push them away when they get too close. Intimacy can simply be too much to handle no matter how much it’s needed.

The pain is real and justified but we’re still responsible for our behavior and our actions so communication is an effective tool, even if folks don’t get it at first.

It’s helpful to allow yourself to take solitude to avoid the risk of re-wounding. Best to lay low. This isn’t running away, in the words of the Iching, it’s a ‘well-timed retreat’.

And for those with a strong personality this can feel most challenging. Like you’re depriving the Self of new and vital connections. For those who are more introverted this can feel like a relief as internal pressure begins to wane.

Then we’re able to go a little deeper a little closer to our core, that place in the fiery belly of truth. There’s fresh energy here and it eventually provides the courage to break through the fear that, limits and restricts, and holds us back in the guise of insecurity.

Going within, making friends with and nurturing the parts of self that are emotionally starving, lost, abandoned and misunderstood is vital to any process of healing. Self-discovery requires that we peel back layers of energetic debris to get to the lighted core of our being.

The mere opening of this deep love center can loosen the flood gates, allowing a rush of unacknowledged desires to begin to stir. Longing, regret, hunger, sensuality, creative drive and craving connection, all return, seeking gratification like hungry children demanding to be fed. Yet we can’t feed them the food of the past, its simply doesn’t work. It’s not truly nourishing anymore and easily falls flat with disappointment.

The search for true fulfillment; real friendships, work that satisfies our souls, places we know that we belong, and authentic love requires a fresh perspective and a willingness to surrender our pride and sometimes our defenses. Sometimes we stay and sometimes we leave. Once we understand the lessons of the past and our role in creating the dynamics of our lives we’re able to course correct and flow forward.

Queen of Cups - Osho Zen Tarot

Often we begin by soberly addressing the problems and diving deeper into our selves.

Working through the transformational pain of loss, grief, deception, betrayal, abandonment and abuse can leave us feeling stunned, confused, raw and tender yet oddly refreshed, energized, grounded and more realistically hopeful. In time and with the balance we’ve created, we begin to understand that we can hold multiple feelings and traits at the same time, without acting on them and give them a home in our very being. We deepen and become more wise. And more compassionate and we’re stronger than we think we are. As this happens we don’t sweat the small stuff.

We then syphon the raw, core energy for better use and new directions.

‘One of the keys to making it through spiritual awakening is to seek balance and then commit to that balance in your life, for the long haul.’

Boundaries and lifestyle changes certainly help. After all the purpose of an awakening is to awaken to more love, to open to more well-being through the Soul or the Spirit. If we’re numbing or avoiding we’re adding to the resistance to change that’s created the block to love in the first place. We’re piling on more debris instead of removing it.

Frequently we have to let go of everything but the necessities, then we know what’s really important to us. It’s not the same for everyone and understanding this gives immeasurable freedom to psyche. We cut cords, are less attached and less afraid to be vulnerable.

Once this is done, the first thing that happens is you begin to see what’s out of balance very clearly. And sometimes painfully. You can look around you and question ‘Is anything in alignment with my true self?’ The everyday world can begin to look very strange and foreign. Like you awoke from a sleepy, twilight dream.

And sometimes not. Sometimes we’re thrilled to know that moving away from certain situations will escort us, partially at least, into the fresh waters of relief that we’re seeking. That’s if inappropriate guilt and martyrdom doesn’t get in the way. Archetypes we would do well to understand and move through. Most women understand this pattern of the psyche way to well and I promise you it’s an old, old story that certainly could use the narrative change that it's getting.

The physical world, society, in its drive for survival and rigid resistance to change can lure us into

7 of Cups - Legacy of the Divine

false solutions, delusions and illusions as to what life is about and especially the role we play in our own lives. There’s more to us than meets the eye and our day is coming, on that you can be sure.

There are many things we can be seduced by, including but not limited to, addictive substances or chemicals, or sexual chemistry, that do the trick. We can be seduced by people needing or wanting us too much, which leads to a loss of power through people-pleasing. It hits you right in the gut, that’s it’s tell. This makes me think of the song by Cheap Trick ‘I want you to want me’, leading to ‘I want you to need me’ which can become even more dangerous at lower vibrations.

A cheap trick indeed.

We can be seduced by money, cars, houses, hook-ups and dating sites, get rich quick schemes, snake oil’s and salesman, and in contemporary times too many devices that lead to digital worlds that may or may not be real. Tag lines seduce us too many times as we become clickbait. Sometimes these things are important and other times they're an escape into a world of blame and shame. We can spend way too much time being seduced by 1’s and 0’s that have no bearing on our soul.

When we see through the facade of seduction and are committed to creating a new foundation we begin feeling unfamiliar emotions. Some may have been repressed from this lifetime and others making their appearance from eons gone by. It’s here that the echoes and images of true desires begin to waft up from the depths reminding us of why we came and what we’re capable of being, seeing and doing. And they begin as whispers.

That small voice that eludes us but nags at us, until more time is spent listening to it. The one that says you can do whatever you’d like to do, and I mean what you’d really like to do. On a Soul level.

Could this be true? Yes, indeed it can be.

Learning to trust these leanings takes a little time so be patient. Artistic endeavors help express the

The High Priestess - Gilded Tarot

true intentions of these lovely and sometimes fallible creatures through symbols, colors and ideas born of pain and wretched despair but in time display brilliant hues of truth and authenticity. They’re desperate for expression as they know they’re key to the evolutionary process.

We’re healing and feeling a bit stronger.

We’re not desperate for others, we’re desperate for the unveiling of our own sacred spiritual selves and the freedom to live as we choose. And to ensure the safety of this loving and beautiful space of power, agency and sovereignty.

New archetypes are coming into play. As your inner axis shifts, similar to the Earths you begin seeing through a new lens, an unfamiliar cosmic constellation adding newness and fresh energy. If we allow space and curiosity, this could become a kaleidoscope of wonder and delight bringing joy that reminds us that we’ve chosen to be on this big ball hurling through space, at this time.It widens the perspective and reminds us that our lives are our own.

Impermanence is meant to add to life’s meaningfulness, reverie and depth. Not simply the fear and dread that it so necessarily conjures.

The cycle of life says we’re here for little while, we have an inevitable ending. Yet we also have a purpose, a place and a path that’s worth walking. And other Souls who are worth meeting and joining with. Even if only for a short time. Sometimes we actually escort those beautiful souls into this world and sometimes we mourn them when they leave.

What have we learned? And were we able to see the face of the divine in the varied  creatures we met? Can we see the truth through the illusions of fear that we’ve created?

Yes, we can and we do. Everyday. We see love, fun, excitement, tenderness, compassion, companionship, forgiveness and understanding. Transformation helps us see even more of this and more importantly helps us open up and let more of this inside of us. And to shed the shadows of doubt, shame and fear, trickery and deception.

We all have to live our truth, our love, our creative leanings, our trust of ourselves. And the more we perceive the world from this desire the better it gets. We then end up in the right place with the right people. Our soul tribe, our friends, our lovers. And that’s what this change is seeking to bring.

Spiritual transformation is meant to awaken you to your truth, your freedom, your love, your

The Fool - Vice Versa Tarot

connection with spirit and with other like-minded and kindred souls. And to ascend you to your next-level of growth and a deeper ability to honor yourself with integrity and dignity, meaningfulness and the joy of being alive.

So let go of what’s leaving, it was here for a reason, a season or a life-time. If it’s meant for you and can meet you where your going, then it will return.

Yes, at first it can feel like your world is on fire and burning down. But with time, some honesty with yourself and with others, and a little work known as soul-searching you’ll find that your transforming into the person you’ve intended to be, the one you’re meant to be and the one who’s been hiding inside of you all along.

Sometimes you have to take some chances and a leap of faith or two to set her free but it’s worth it. She becomes the world dancer, the galactic traveler, full of mystery, summoning the best from those she meets.

There’s a fresh start waiting for you and with some determination, creative intelligence, a lot of heart and a willingness to eclipse your ego you’re more than capable of expanding in the ways your soul is calling you to grow.

Believe in yourself, your soul and know that spirit is guiding the way, now and always. Make your plans and live your dreams. You’re not alone and you never have been.

We are with you.

With Love and Tenderness,


Firefly Kix Tarot

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Mar 09

Profound, beautiful, speaks right to me and I’ll continue to reference this, thank you Rebecca!

Mar 10
Replying to

I really appreciate hearing from you and super psyched this resonated! 😘

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