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Hanged Man - New Perspective

Updated: Jun 12, 2019

Robin Wood Tarot

Waiting is an action and when working with the Hanged Man it’s a great perspective. With this energy we’re not doing what we used to do, we’re surrendering old behaviors and thought patterns to Spirit. Yet, we haven’t quite brought in the new behaviors relationships, situations and so forth yet. We’re in a holding pattern and if allow it we’ll Grace ourselves with a brand new, better and higher perspective of self and therefore life in general.

The Hanged Man offers a different view of life than most folks. Why, you ask? Well, he views

life from a different perspective he’s hangin upside down. Therefore he comes at it or is able to be in it much differently than other people.

With Robin Wood’s version of this card you’ll notice he’s not bound or forced into this situation he’s voluntarily

surrendering to something greater. Frequently, we’ll ask ourselves to let go of a negative habit or aspect of life to enhance our overall energy levels and well-being.

So if you need to quit smoking, drinking, drugs, caffeine, shopping or habits that allow you to escape, run away or overall not deal with things in your life than the Hanged Man says give it up. Replace self-criticism and attack with seeing yourself as beautifully creative, lovable and worthy of only the best and keep going until you get to where you want to be.

Support yourself in choosing what’s best for you and send that vibe out to the Universe.

Seeing yourself from the higher perspective means valuing and loving yourself just as you are. Seeing the truth in a situation means to view yourself as more than you thought you were not less. When we keep applying this over and over again, day in and day out we begin to shift the underlying belief pattern. Our natural tendency becomes transforming ourselves into a more confident, stable and loving expression of that all we are and all that is. Much Love.

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