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The Moon - Robin Wood Tarot

Connecting with the Divine through meditation, yoga, presence and contemplation can be beautiful and fulfilling as well as strange and captivating leaving us with awe-inspiring, eerie and odd feelings. We know that something is different and with the stirrings from deep within we’ve changed. We just don’t know quite how yet.

Mysticism doesn’t follow straight paths and none of them are ordinary. Deep patterns emerge

from the psyche time and time again fluid and flowing with each new exploration. The call of the Soul can’t be denied and although we may not know where it’s leading we’re compelled to follow. As we step between the Towers of initiation we gather our intelligence, our intuition and the deep experience of self. The Unknown is palpably present here.

There’s a strange kind of intimacy with the Moon card. It’s intimacy with ourselves; it’s deep and divine and we honor this by adhering to our truth. Sitting with our depth we allow ourselves to open with courage and love.

The Moon rules the tides, the emotions and powerful feelings are sure to swell as well as subside. After all deep patterns dissipate with time not disappear. We get a handle on them similar to the Ace of Swords. As we open, new experiences will summon different parts of self and give birth to a new form. We sit with the trepidation and uncertainty. Here we embrace the readiness for the path that’s summoning our Soul.

The vastness of the unknown and our willingness to engage with it openly with a strong mind, an open heart and a curious, adventurous Soul are the necessary tools. It’s here the journey of self-discovery continues and it’s here we begin again. Aahh. The mystery of the feminine, the mystery of life, entering the unknown the True Mystery of the Moon.

Much Love to You.

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