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Meditation - Wednesday, February 26th

Meditation! This Wednesday, February 26th.

7:00 - 9:30ish. Let me know if you're in!

This group is wonderful! Designed toward inspiring you to strengthen your own connection with your higher self, source and your spirit helpers we’ll work with contemporary and

traditional modalities with that goal in mind.Being in a supportive group of like-minded people is a great way to relax into your natural gifts and commit to honoring your sensitivities.

You’ll learn to simultaneously stay with yourself and be with others in a positive and powerful way.Some of the spiritual tools you’ll gain will include relaxation & breathing techniques, past life exploration, visualizations, heart centered therapies, chakra and energy awareness, tarot & oracle cards and shamanic drumming.

With each session we’ll explore different aspects of ourselves through meditation, connection with spirit, relaxation and laughter.Please bring a journal and a pen to take note of your awakening experiences.

9 Love Place Pittsburgh, Pa 15218

$25 Per Group


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