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Mystical & Magical: This Page Brings It

The message of the Page of Wands is Spiritual Awakening to the Truth. It’s a Spiritual Awakening that allows for inspiration and enthusiasm to return as we’re discovering ourselves through our own great adventure of life. It’s not mimicking another, it’s certainly not projecting onto another and it’s not about doing what others say you should do. As a matter of fact it has nothing to do with another. It’s the individuals discovery of self, the cosmos, energy and divinity.

The beautiful, ecstatic knowing is the result of that process. With the excitement returned fulfillment has a greater chance of entering the inner sanctum and we’re then able to avoid burn-out, blame, dis-ease, stress and be able to hold a healthy amount of ego instead of desperation, fear and panic. Go to your source and see with your real eyes. Know what you Know and admit that you don’t know what you don’t know yet. Here are some of my experiences with the Page of Wands.

One of my most powerful Awakenings was when I moved to New Jersey for a year with a man that I was dating. He had gotten a great job in Philly and I was already going through a tremendous amount of change. I really liked him so I decided to take the risk to uproot my life and go along. We both thought it was about us creating a life together however what had happened was a spiritual awakening that in hindsight was magnificent for both of us. He agreed to pay the bills for a year so I could take the time to develop and as it turned out so I could begin Reading Tarot professionally and get another job as well. He pursued his career as a reporter/creative writer with the fervor and determination that I so admired about him.

I spent my days meditating, seeing and working with the energy of plants, connecting with the Ascended Masters, my wonderful Spirit Guides and talking with my Great Grandmother

on the other side. My only regret, like with most experiences in my life, is that I wish I would have worried less about its validity and enjoyed it more. The challenge of working in the energetic realms is your own knowing of what’s true and what’s not. It was a wonderful time although it didn’t work out with the boyfriend, he was a sensitive as well. He woke up one morning, his face stark white and looking at me with a bittersweet face he told me of a dream that he’d had. We were getting on a train together and I let him go aboard first and then train started to move and he tried to reach me to bring me along but I just rose up, floated behind the train, dressed in all white, smiled and waved goodbye. The train went along without me.

We knew at that point that we were breaking up and walking different paths. We made a couple of attempts to stay together after I had moved back to Pittsburgh but alas they didn’t work. Much Love was shared as well as many, many enlightening experiences.

One of those experiences was when we discovered a synchronicity around our birthdays. My due date was August 8th and I was born on September 6th. His due date was September 6th and was born on August 8th. I think that was especially telling about our personalities. He was always moving forward like a true Leo Lion (he went on to marry a woman who gave

birth to twins, Now there’s a spiritual experience for ya!) and I was always going slow and reflecting like a true Virgo Hermit. The Leo/Virgo dynamic has been a tremendous source of growth in my life and he was one person that reflected that to me.

I’ll never regret that move. Just because it didn’t last doesn’t mean it didn’t work. You see God in hindsight as well as true soul mates.

In moving back to Pittsburgh I began to build a new life with the help of some good friends and other true soul mates. The office I had worked at before the move was gracious enough to have me back and the same friend who referred me to the job had offered an apartment reference as well. He is truly the gift that keeps on giving, we’re still friends to this day. The office was downtown and I stepped outside one day on my break and low and behold as I gazed around I saw the world as all ‘Energy’ with the naked eye. It was a bit mind-blowing for an average Tuesday. No drugs, no nothing but me and the Universe. People were literally beside themselves, in front of themselves and behind themselves but very few were actually inside of themselves. Amazing! Gives truth to being ‘beside’ yourself. Layer upon layer was revealed that day.

Shortly after that I was having a hard time adjusting to being back and feeling down about another ‘failed’ relationship, which I now know wasn’t a failure but it felt like it at the time. I was brushing my teeth getting ready for bed when I felt a presence behind me getting bigger, bigger and bigger. I felt more then a little trepidatious and was wondering if this was a positive or negative presence. As it grew bigger I heard a voice that said ‘Go to Bed’ very lovingly yet commanding at the same time. This presence then embraced me from behind in a protective manner and escorted me to my bed. As I laid down I turned to see, again with the naked eye, Archangel Michael standing beside my bed with his sword raised in yet another protective stance. He said ‘Sleep Now’.

That night I got the first good nights sleep I’d had in my entire life. I slept like a true baby. This still brings tears to my eyes as I remember the relief and comfort I had felt for the first time in 30 some years. Be Not Afraid is one of the best definitions of the Page of Wands and this is why. Spiritual Awakenings encourage as they comfort you and these powerful presences will help you beyond measure if you allow them to. Try asking, it goes a long way.

The Page of Wands is a fascinating card as it ushers in the fresh energy of Truth and Awakening. The excitement, confusion, openness and ego suspension are experiences that truly make life worth living. Some folks have called me a believer and I’m okay with that, I guess, even though it carries a strong religious undertone that I can’t relate to. I don’t subject myself to people looking for approval or opinions anymore, it’s just painful.

I like to call myself a Knower. Not because I believe I know more than others but because I know what I Know to be true.

I’ve experienced these (and many others) in real time, in the supposed real world on real work days not just in times of meditation, although that’s been a trip! It’s because of these experiences that I can know what I know and I wouldn’t really know if I hadn’t had them. My Soul with the help of spirit opened to these ‘seeings’ so I could know without a doubt some deeper truths about the cosmos, energy, supportive presences and what lies beyond the physical. Thats the meaning of MetaPhysics ‘beyond the physical’.

It’s mystical and magical and there is so, so, so much more beyond this physical plane. As a matter of fact as my guides have told me time and time again ‘This is just the Tip of the Iceberg my dear’. And so I will pass that message along to you from them to remind you that this physical world is just ‘The Tip of The Iceberg My Dear’.

There is so much more to learn, to see, to experience and to know and I hope you enjoy your travels and studies with the Page of Wands. I hope you open to all that there is and suspend disbelief long enough to Know what you Know as well.

Most of all I hope you don’t doubt your own awareness, validity and truth but truly know it, own it and live it.

Have a great week.

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