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Queen of Wands - Morgan Greer Tarot

Ever hear the song ‘What’s wrong with being Confident?’. If so you’ll have a good understanding of the Queen of Wands. She’s intelligent, direct, assertive, creative and passionate and doesn’t take no for an answer.

This Queen has a flare for the dramatic and you’ll get some practice living in chaos when you engage her dynamic energy. She shines bright like a diamond so if you get this card as advice it’s time to share your talents with the world and to be more social.

Have some fun and don’t take everything so personally. Laugh, you’re in good hands with this fiery creature!

This is Leo, the Lion, and she’s a powerful, creative force. She loves the limelight and is as social as it comes. She likes to dominate, is territorial and will fight for what’s hers. Similar to her animal

equivalent she’s the king of the jungle (yes, I said King), playful with her cubs she’s a loving and doting mother. As a hunter she’s stealth, fast and trusting of her instincts.

The Queen of Wands expects the other lioness of the pride to be on the same page as her. They work in teams and align with each others energy to accomplish the necessary goals. Honesty, trust

and equality are at the top of her list and if they’re present she’ll encourage you to be at the top of your game and support you all the way!

Her downfall or shadow side is being overly-competitive and self-absorbed. This energy needs to stay on a high vibe or power struggles and control issues could ensue. Don’t engage this aspect of her ego, these are time and energy sucks and can leave you entangled with bad vibes and hurt feelings. If in doubt, smile and walk away.

Spiritually, she’s the clairvoyant of the tribe and carries strong visionary traits. She’ll give you insight to the energies coming your way and how to deal with them. The sunflower is the symbol for mediumship so if you’d like to connect with your loved ones on the other side she’ll do so for you as well as inspire you to connect for yourself.

The Third Eye or Ajna is prevalent here and creative projects will help you develop your already powerful psychic prowess. Art and Culture of all kinds will stimulate your senses but the most powerful way to develop with this energy is by engaging your own creativity. Painting, writing, pottery & poetry, crafts, walking meditation, creative visualization, photography and cooking/baking are all good practices for fun spiritual development this week.

Loose track of time and get into the creative process. You’ll feel inspired and rejuvenated. I like to make hearty, healthy soups with this energy as well as engaging painting, photography and listening to my favorite music.

The overall message this week is: Create, Create, Create!! Look inside to find your warmth and inner light and then share that with the world. We all know we need kindness, warmth and inspiration right now and this Queen, at her best, could be just the one to do that.

Have a great week!

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