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Seize the Day! The Tower - Crow's Magic Tarot

The energy is stirring, can you feel the crackle? It’s electric! When the Tower strikes, awakening occurs. Change is the Cause and Freedom is the Effect. This is Mars energy, bold and brazen it has no shame about trailblazing a new path.

Internally, this is Kundalini Awakening, a powerful surge of creative energy from the inside reinvigorating a deteriorating condition and rekindling the senses.

With one powerful surge we can be changed forever. Spiritual Discipline, Major Change (positive

or negative) and Trauma are a few of the causes of a Kundalini Awakening. It’s okay, go with it. Feel the surge, feel alive, feel the energy and let it move through you. You’ve got a force and it’s waking up. Trust yourself and leverage it.

Brain fog and a sense of dissociating are common with awakenings so be sure to ground by walking in nature, a strong healthy diet and frequently bring your attention back to your body with love and compassion. Move, create and heal.

Externally, this can be a change that is meant to liberate you from fear, tyranny, oppression, repression and dominance. Tapping into that mighty celestial one-ness will help you flow forward.

Jump into the stream and look to the eye-in-the-sky. Go where your guided, do things differently, take that leap, make the move.

Ground the energy into that artwork, labors of love and causes near and dear to your heart. Your strong, smart, wise and beautiful and you're being helped.

Carpe diem, seize the day.

Much Love,


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