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Sneak Peek at the Week: 3 - Card Spread, Modern Witch Tarot

She’s a Brick House

7 of Swords Reversed

The Devil Reversed

3 of Pentacles

Lots of folks are uneasy about reversals in Tarot spreads but this week’s 3 - Card Sneak Peek shows us why and how they’re beneficial. Energies such as the 7 of Swords (sitting on the fence/avoidance), The Devil (Ego/Shadow/Fear) wouldn’t be able to express the profound spiritual breakthrough’s that make The Work so rewarding without reversals. If we don’t allow the witnessing of a block we won't see the clearing of it either.

Meaning, if we don’t admit, to ourselves, that a problem exists, how in the world can we solve it?

So I love this week’s cards because it looks like through compassionate confrontation we’re able to get off the fence, face fears and start taking action toward foundations that could create long-lasting success as we see in the 3 of Pentacles.

Here’s what I think of these energies. I’d love for you to let me know what you think and how this plays out for you.

Hope you enjoy and much love to you and yours. Many Blessings.

7 of Swords reversed - Stop running. First, let’s look at the foot-gear. How can you run in those shoes? Reminds me of a song I used to hear all the time on Wyep, ‘In These Shoes?’ Although I love the style this shows us exactly what the problem is. This woman is beautifully dressed and rightfully enjoys attention but seems to run from it when she gets it and not very quickly at that. Remember this goes for you guys as well. You have a feminine side, too.

This is the perfect example of the insecure runner/chaser dynamic. Fears of intimacy create

Modern Witch Tarot

behavior that seems odd to folks unless you’re inside the dynamic or at least understand it. Cat and mouse, runner/chaser, avoidance, thrill of the chase. She seems to enjoy it as she’s running forward and looking behind her to see if her interest is catching on to the game.

Well when it’s reversed it’s ‘Game Over’. She just keeps moving forward as she’s looked clearly at the patterns that have held her back. Abandonment issues left unaddressed can create an intense fear of truly being seen and allowing anyone in for any extended period of time. These patterns will have you choosing the least ‘available’ person on the planet and being heartbroken when they leave you lonely. Or unconsciously creating situations to push people away when they are available. Or simply not being attracted to that which is good for you. It’s very painful and at first seemingly very complex and confounding.

This could also relate to troublesome situations that have gone on for an extending period of time because we didn’t want to admit the truth about a situation. Maybe someone suffers from mental health issues and were left untreated, a lover will simply never be available as in star-crossed lovers, or a job opportunity will not be offered to us because it’s not the right path or the right group of people.

The remedy is to look squarely at the situation, be honest with yourself and then redirect your energy and attention toward self-care, self-love, self-interest and ownership and responsibility for your own happiness. This is a process that takes time but once you’ve gotten a handle on it your confidence levels will sky-rocket. Seeing something for what it is leads to new doors opening and the right paths appearing.

Which leads us to the Devil Reversed.

The Devil Reversed - Face Fears. After all, it’s only fear. If you’ve been shadow-boxing for a while now you’ll be relieved to see this card reversed as it represents freedom from the chains, whatever they may be. Fear is our Shadow, our dark side. It’s why we do ‘Dark’ things. It’s why we keep people in the dark (The Moon card). Fear is why we run or conversely project our fears onto others. It can be why we struggle with addiction and it can be why we’re stubborn and dig our heels in. Fear is why we isolate and alienate, it’s why we starve what would otherwise be good relationships. And lastly, it’s why we stay in unhealthy, codependent, abusive, misaligned relationships for as long as we do. Simply because we’re afraid of the ‘New’.

I have to add it could be some pretty tough ‘Karma’ too. Let’s not rule that out. If that’s the case it

Modern Witch Tarot

could be a grueling period of time until a decision is made and the karma cleared. Be good to yourself and focus on healing. It’ll eventually dissipate.

Whether these relationships are with spouses, friends, family members, jobs, co-workers doesn’t

matter. They’re vampiric, draining, time-sucking situations that keep us from expressing our best selves. Some of this runs really deep going back to childhood or even other lifetimes. These require work and time, to love and heal ourselves back to health, vitality and truth. With the Devil reversed you might find yourself (in good ways) happy, hungry and horny again after an extended period of feeling depressed, shut-down, lethargic, sloppy and empty.

These last two cards say to me ‘Enough of this! It’s over, move on and start liking life again.’ Similar to the 5 of Pentacles reversed with the Devil (r) our interest in spirituality could be rekindled and taken to new heights. There’s a freedom and a freshness that helps us to live differently, as we’ve longed to do for so many moons, maybe many lifetimes.

We could be awakening to how simple it is to like or even love someone or something, such as a hobby or work, group or a relationship with the Devil (r). Creative energy is unleashed and our joy and talent is catapulted forth.

These situations can give us a new direction and allow for ways to get our needs met, not just WISH our needs were met, but to actually have them met. And to feel the satisfaction of knowing that what we have to offer meets the needs of the other and is appreciated, as well. This is fulfillment, satisfaction and complimentary to a balanced lifestyle.

It’s aligned, congruent and adhesive. Now that’s a Devil reversed. Which inevitably leads to something positive (after we work through the shadow). Here it happens to be the 3 of Pentacles.

3 of Pentacles - Building Something of Value. Self-mastery is the best foundation that you can create. Self-knowledge brings consciousness, awareness of who we are, what we want and ultimately why we’re here. This is different for everyone. Thank God.

Imagine if we all wanted the same thing, after the same goal and eating out of the same trough. We’d look like the government, ridiculously going 15 rounds for a little piece of an imaginary pie. Or the love of a person not able to give it. Or even worse, enjoys withholding the gift of love that would give so much in return if it was simply shared and not coerced or manipulated.

The 3 of Pentacles represents something real and of tremendous creative, heartfelt value and its clamoring to come forth whether that’s a career or relationship. It represents 3 gifts that you

Modern Witch Tarot

have at your disposal to create the life that you’d like to live. These gifts are intuitive, creative and the ability to build. You may think the last one isn’t so much a gift as it is a skill but think of the cathedrals of old and how they were built. Tell me that didn’t require the first two gifts to achieve that level of mastery. Intuition is visionary, it’s the ability to imagine something better, something with substance, good and strong and lasting.

The Creative is the energy that gives the vision it’s steam. It’s the Spiritual impetus.

All of this can create the resources to live the way you’d like to live and to share those resources the way you see fit. As always, one size does not fit all. Not everyone meets everyone else’s needs.

That’s why there’s diversity and yes there’s creative conflict but without it you wouldn’t know who you are or what you’re made of. Challenge is the stepping stone to a better future. As always, leverage it.

Come to community and collaboration knowing that you have something good to offer and positively expecting that in return.

And with the 3 of Pentacles you’re not made of steel you’re made brick by brick, layer after layer, glue upon glue, solid and steady and standing strong. Dream your dreams, build your foundation and provide a platform for yourself where you can speak your truth, your mind and your heart and one that will carry you for years to come. That’s the 3 of Pentacles. Vision. Talent. Mastery.

Yes, she’s a ‘Brick Hooouuuuse’…mighty, mighty and hopefully she’s letting it all hang out.

Much Love,


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