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Sneak Peek at the Week - Forward Momentum and New Paths Ahead

Hello Everyone! Don't forget, Evening of Spirits coming up on Thursday at The Millvale House! Click the link for more details. For those of you who don't know, this is a wonderful evening of Mediumship and Healing messages from Spirit. We'd love to see you!

As always, I appreciate hearing from you, your feedback and simply for staying in touch! Keep going with your badass selves.

I'm available for Readings and Energy Sessions. Click here to Schedule!

On with the Week ahead!

April 10th - 16th (or further, ya know, Divine Timing)

The King of Cups

2 of Cups

Knight of Swords

Forgiveness. It’s a trusty tool to take with us on the path of life. If you’re on the healing journey you understand that it’s riddled with bumps, mountains, wrong turns and ups and downs and can literally turn you inside out. At times this can be maddening and frustrating delivering many a temptation to give up. Don’t. Simply Keep going. Only this time dive a little more deeply into the calm truth of the Soul. Get to the essence, see from your God Self. And forgive. Let go. Empty out. Purge. Release.

A wounded ego takes time to heal so tend to the inner fire while making the changes suitable to a new way forward. In the past position this is simply biding our time while licking our wounds.

The King of Cups seems pretty ritualistic in this spread. It looks as if he’s (our masculine side) extending an openness to the past in gratitude for experiences both good and bad. An

Herbal Tarot - Saw Palmetto

acknowledgement of time shared, love made, challenges accepted and resolved and separate paths taken. This is the odyssey of our individual lives, a journey meant at its highest and best level to discover a true, indestructible, immortal self.

Especially in the face of immortality or the temporal awareness of life. Lovers leave, friends become more distant, family’s grow up and move away, we move house, change jobs, the world changes, loved ones pass on.

We find ourselves in a strange land with even ‘stranger things’.

'And everywhere you go, there you are. Still you. Still here.'

The Fish in the Tarot, in my understanding, represents the Divine, God, Goddess, All that Is, Consciousness.

And here we see an offering being made to God (in the masculine form) of thanks and gratitude for the never-ending support. And for guidance as to the new directions and next steps.

Understanding that we are children of the One on Most High we request, and rightfully so, ‘fill up my cup’ with truth and consciousness and the gift of vision.

‘I put forgiveness in my heart and offer up the pain of the past trusting that it will be distilled into wisdom and knowledge. And that is my gift to share with the world.’

The Baghavad Gita would advise that we choose, with free will, to put God in our chariot and go the way of Divine Justice. To root out the deception, illusion and lies of the ego, and other people’s egos. This is Jesus throwing the money lenders out of the Temple. Clearing the sacred space from fear-mongering and greed, the effects of undermining and forced subservience to those who would do damage.

Meditation on your Sacred Self, your true self and your victory over your inner demons and the obstacles created by suffering and loss will prove to be very fruitful.

Clear yourself of unnecessary attachments both real and imagined. Ask for assistance if you need to. Get support to heal and forgive. Allow your self to feel lighter and more joyous.

Release the weight of old karma. That dance is over. It’s time for a new one to begin. After a breather of course.

The 2 of Cups indicates new friends, lovers, partners, associates and if I’m honest, maybe, a new special someone. A Course in Miracles calls this the ‘special relationship’. Eros. Attraction. The

Herbal Tarot - Uva Ursi

pull of 2 Souls magnetically attracted. One yin, one yang regardless of physical gender or how one presents in the world.

Two women can come together but one must have more yin and the other more yang. Same with Men. Two men can come together but one must have more yin and the other more yang. When dealing with Soulmates it’s much deeper and more profound than what outer circumstances or society’s whims would dictate.

It doesn’t matter what you look like, what size you are, the color of your skin, your economic status or how old you are. When the magnetic pull is there, it’s there. Period. And, well, you have to deal with it. You can either move toward it or away from it but acknowledgement is the important part. Running away will only complicate the situation and prolong misunderstandings and set backs.

What are the circumstances of your life teaching you about who you really are? Your Soul. Your real self.

My Great-Grandfather remarried at the age of 85 to a wonderful woman who had been widowed as well. They had 10 good years together. That turned society’s obsession with youth on its head for me. I say thank you for that role model.

So, if you think you’re too old, think again. Life has a way of getting you to where you need to be. Keep imagining, keep dreaming and keep opening your heart a little more each day. Eventually, you’ll return to the Authenticity of the Love that you are and were born to be.

Mainly, the commitment we see here is to our internal balance. The feminine and masculine are finally turning to look at each other, reading the same book and on the same page. The left hand knows what the right hand is doing and vice versa. There’s stability, mutuality, recognition and compatibility. A commitment to Self that draws other like-minded Souls together in a dance worthy of the Dervishes.

Frequently, we need a certain amount of solitude to heal. Temporarily withdrawing from the chaos and disturbances to achieve inner balance, clarity and awareness can be like an oasis in the desert.

This is not simply running away into a glorified version of escapism, this is real work being done to heal and progress IS being made. Even if we can’t see it quite yet. We can’t see the seed taking root in the soil yet it does.

If our emotions aren’t right, our perspective of the world becomes skewed and distorted and our foundation becomes weakened. If you try to carry heavy loads upon a weak foundation you’re guaranteed a collapse further down the road. So facing fears inwardly and strengthening one’s inner resolve is a must prior to journeying out on a new path.

And I assure you, if you’re reading this, there is a new path just ahead for you. One that you will not mind traversing and one that will require the work of Saturn being in Pisces and the extended version is Pluto going into Aquarius for about 20 years in 2024.

Saturn in Pisces to me is getting grounded and doing the spiritual work. Period. Commit to your highest self. Be the best version of you that you can be and call yourself out in compassionately profound ways. Remove limiting beliefs and let yourself fly. Love your work and whistle while you do it. Maybe, make it a musical born to be on stage.

Pluto in Aquarius brings revolutionary energy to everything we do. So if your inner dictator wants to rule, it will be met with the fury of a fever for freedom that’s never been seen before. The seed is being cracked open, the skin is being shed and the veils are being lifted.

Let go of fearing change, get excited about it.

The Knight of Swords is intense and focused. This warrior is looking ahead and sizing up the new path. Not to decide whether it’s the right path or not, that’s already been chosen. This analysis

Herbal Tarot - Wild Cherry Bark

is to determine the tools that will be needed, getting a clear idea of the challenges and gauging the appropriate mindset. This is getting the lay of the land. These are the How’s of moving forward.

What type of vehicle is needed? If you’re going into battle, the plow horse won’t do. If you’re preparing the ground to farm the land, the sleek racehorse is not your best bet. Although, any is better than none at all.

‘All is Mind’ is the first Hermetic Principle/Law of the Universe so staying focused and clear on the goal is important to the way ahead. Being organized and committed will keep anxiety at bay and bring relief in times of conflict and contention.

If your mission is to be of service then remember to serve those who need serving. Bring Justice to those who have been treated unfairly, restore balance to hearts that have been severely wounded. This requires higher minded insight because sometimes those exact situations are bringing balance and Justice just not the way we thought.

With Karma at play higher truth is everything. Frequently, hardship is simply testing one’s resolve and strength of spirit, deepening our determination, but other times punishment is required. We need the visionary quality of this Knight to determine which is required and when.

As I’m writing this there’s a hawk circling above in the sky, riding the thermals. Hawk is the totem of the Knight of Swords.

This synchronicity means to keep higher goals in mind and stay higher minded when guiding folks forward. Practice staying connected with your higher self, guides, angels and ancestors for insight to complicated situations and ways out of danger, should they arise.

We can’t wholly avoid danger in this world if we intend to live our Truth.

The growth comes from learning to navigate it quickly and thoroughly, which is the absolute strong suit of the Knight of Swords. It also comes from learning more about yourself on a much deeper and certainly more gifted, level. Quick reflexes and an agile mind provide energy for future movement.

Right now preparation is all important.

Empty out the old pain from deception and betrayal. Fill up with laughter and love, commit to balance, truth and maybe a special someone, a teammate, partner or good inner perspective. Aquire the necessary tools for the journey ahead.

This is sure to be a journey worthy of the best that you have to offer. And offer it up to life herself or the divine goddess of healing and justice.

Prepare to bring your best self to the table and expect others to do the same in return.

Much Love,


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