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Sneak Peek at the Week - Mystical Union & New Starts

Hi Everyone! I hope this finds you doing well, happy and healthy. If you've subscribed from the Cincinnati Expo last weekend, Thank You for a wonderful weekend of Readings. It was great to meet you.

This week's Read gets pretty intense but I hope you enjoy it. I'll be posting about upcoming Pittsburgh events very soon.

Peace and Love to you and yours!

Crow’s Magick Tarot

Positive Blank - Past

Knight of Swords - Present

The Lovers - The Future

(Readers Tip) With most Tarot decks, you’ll notice ‘blanks’ or cards with unique images or the name of the deck on them as you open the package for the first time. Instead of throwing them away or leaving them in the box, think about integrating them into the deck as you get to know it. It’s sure to keep things interesting and lends yet another mystical element to your Reads.

Keeping ‘Blank’ cards in my deck is something that I learned as an inspiration from my teachers. Doing this allows for an unexpected element to appear. Blanks represent unknown factors that may not have been taken into consideration otherwise and it’s also a resourceful compliment to continuous learning.

In my mind, it makes room for Consciousness, Goddess or God whichever term you prefer. It’s like keeping an open heart and holding space for both, order and chaos. Order brings strong foundations and solidity and chaos bring opportunity for change, so learning and growth can occur. As always we need both to create something new as we’ll see with The Lovers card at the end of the 3 card spread.

The trick lies in staying internally strong with firm principles and beliefs as a foundation while allowing creative inspiration to seed itself, take hold and offer new growth.

The blank helps us to stay open to the ‘unknown’ elements at play in life and represents new starts with fresh energy. If it’s right way up, you’re ready and open for a new start. If it’s reversed resistance to a new start is present and digging a little deeper to find out why is appropriate.

So let’s get on with the Reading.

Positive Blank - Crow’s Magick - Past

It’s difficult to miss the fiery red lava-looking colors in this card and this pertains to the root chakra. Tribal, Community and Familial bonds live here. Maybe there’s been a process of purification that’s taken place, releasing what might have been toxic anger or resentment. There was a ‘caw’ for this. After all that’s part of Crow Magic, to hear the call to dispel shadow and integrate it as a learning lesson. Native American’s tell a story about Crow pecking at its shadow so long and so hard that its own shadow eventually consumes it. A few examples of shadow are fear, pain, anger, limiting beliefs and not-enoughness. These all stem from fear.

Previously challenging situations could have been about ‘burning off’ some karma and the lessons

Positive Blank

were to see our own darkness in the mirror of the ‘other(s)’. Alchemical transmutation takes place by neither repressing nor acting upon our shadow, but simply allowing the energy to move up and out. A bit like spiritual martial arts, this requires tremendous self-control, we feel the burning energy, release the profoundly painful emotion and we’re left with pure, innocent vibrance and sensation.

The result is a lack of reaction and frequently we may not respond either. It’s no longer necessary, the lesson is learned and the old situations are simply barren wombs, there’s nothing fruitful to be gained. It all had a point and lead somewhere. We’re now moving on from that somewhere to somewhere new. As is always the case.

Opening to new beginnings might require a release of what had previously held us back. Assimilating the general idea of the patterns at play, we can face the last of the pain and release the energetic ties. This isn’t to say that there can’t be friendliness but the pull might not be as powerful because the triggers simply can’t exist without the wounds.

If there’s no button, how can it be pushed?

If you notice the green energy making its way onto the card we can see there’s a lot of love headed our way. Green is the color of the heart chakra and representing growth and abundance there’s a lot to be excited about. Healing is happening and the omens are good for brand new starts.

Alas, we begin to open to the new.

Knight of Swords - Present

The Knight of Swords quite honestly looks like the bluebird of happiness to me. Having a firm grip on the sword there’s clarity of both direction and strategy. We know where we want to go and are developing a plan to get there. There’s nothing better than the freedom to sing the song of the Soul and to move toward situations that give flight to your dreams. It seems the new won’t make

Knight of Swords

us feel like our wings are clipped but instead provide the resources to nest comfortably or at least the way we would like to. If you’re a traveler like me, comfort may not be the best word for it, but it’s not horrifically painful. It’s just the way it is.

Either way, we give gratitude for the simple pleasures and offer up our thanks for the many blessings that present themselves. And they most certainly will.

The key to the knight of swords is focus. The purification process of the past has us releasing distractions in lieu of harmony and peace. I’m struck by the powerful impulse these 3 cards are installing in me to say ‘just move forward and focus on what’s in front of you, pay attention, go step by step, you’ll see ME in hindsight’.

There’s a choice coming up that requires sober thinking and better reasoning for decision making. Long term plans can be made but remember a wise approach could be to sleep on it prior to committing major resources. The dream world has a way of lending a helping hand, if you allow it to do its thing. So does the Spiritual realm, if you heed it’s call.

The Lovers - Future

The Lovers is obviously a card of relationships, hence the name ‘The Lovers’. Notice this does not say ‘The Haters’ that would probably be the Devil card, the shadow side of the Lovers. Move away from those.

‘A good omen shows itself and there’s no reason to distrust the incoming opportunities.’ That’s good to know. Any challenges have a purpose and lead to a meaningful destination.

There will be choices to be made around relationships, jobs, careers, finances, friends groups and causes. It looks as if these could be divinely orchestrated, be the right fit and if you see the posture of the snake, very protected.

Notice the snake at the bottom and the eagle at the top. These both represent scorpio, yet the

The Lovers

Lovers is usually associated with Gemini. We have a full moon lunar eclipse in scorpio coming up on Friday May 5th, Cinco de Mayo under the sign of Taurus. Eclipses usually offer up possibilities for major transformation and this one feels like an emotional and spiritual powerhouse. The combination of the light and dark (Gemini) in the depth of oceanic emotions of Scorpio that transform the hate to love, the scarcity to abundance and the lead to gold.

This leads me to an even deeper meaning of the Lovers card; the awareness of our connection with the Divine. Kundalini awakenings are an extreme possibility here as well as meeting Divine counterparts and Angelic visions. These can be blissful, ecstatic and mind-blowing at their best and at their worst they can bring on a tidal wave of transformational pain.

As is the Ecstasy of St. Teresa;

(Taken from the Archive for Research in Archetypal Symbolism website

Teresa described the soul's intense desire for God in the language of erotic passion. In this, she belongs to a long tradition of mystical experience that is known as bridal mysticism:

"It pleased our Lord that I should see the following vision a number of times. I saw an angel near me, on the left side, in bodily form. This I am not wont to see, save very rarely.... In this vision it pleased the Lord that I should see it thus. He was not tall, but short, marvelously beautiful, with a face which shone as though he were one of the highest of the angels, who seem to be all of fire: they must be those whom we call Seraphim.... I saw in his hands a long golden spear, and at the point of the iron there seemed to be a little fire. This I thought that he thrust several times into my heart, and that it penetrated to my entrails. When he drew out the spear he seemed to be drawing them with it, leaving me all on fire with a wondrous love for God. The pain was so great that it caused me to utter several moans; and yet so exceeding sweet is this greatest of pains that it is impossible to desire to be rid of it, or for the soul to be content with less than God." (Peers, 197)

After such experiences, we’re not the same. We’ve deepened into a mystical initiation that surely makes no sense to the uninitiated. These are life-changing experiences that offer a deepening and a strange yet perfect fulfillment for the Soul.

It isn’t human acceptance we seek so much as it is communion with that which is the most sacred of the sacred, it’s not the dancer we seek, it’s the dance itself.

It's not the purification or the bluebird we seek, It's the fire within the purification and the truth within the bluebird that we're in search of.

Simply put…

The ability to hold intense and opposite emotions simultaneously, although not easy, is what carves out more space so that we might hold more life, truth and love. More Divinity. That's the purpose of duality or the seemingly polarized (bi-polar) world we live in.

Angelic visions can create an immediate shift in your consciousness. Go with it. You'll ground in a little while.

These intense emotions could easily stem from Relationships. These are called Divine Counterparts. Soulmates. Twin Flames.

Although, I don't wholly subscribe to the Twin Flame ideal (I think that's reserved more for parallel lives, more study might change my mind), I do believe they are soulmates on steroids and can be some of the most challenging yet oddly rewarding experiences of a lifetime. Do your best to apply self-control so you can minimize the guilt and pain and maximize the bliss.

They're ultimately about self-love and will not-so-gently push you in that direction.

We’re not lessened by these experiences, we’re enhanced, uplifted and transformed. And we could see plenty of them this week or in the weeks to come.

We’re cracked open to reveal more light and raised up to experience more Love.

What a week(s) this might be!

Much Love,


Rebecca Bloom is a Spiritual Mentor, Professional Tarot Card Reader, Medium, Reiki Master & Teacher & Meditation/Drumming Facilitator. She's been practicing professionally since 2002.

She resides on the East End of the City with her Master of Zen and beloved Therapy Cat, Sampson.

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