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Strength - Druid Craft Tarot

Hello Folks! Strength card this week. Mind over matter, head over heart. We could find choices between what’s needed and what’s wanted show up this week. Go for what’s needed that could lead to what’s wanted.

It’s a strong work energy so good times may need to take a back seat.

Strong career initiatives takes precedence so stoke your passions, fire up your buggy and get a move on.

Mercury’s moving out of retrograde, there’s a full moon in Virgo tonight and then later in the month we have a new moon in Aries.

Feels pretty auspicious to me. Make the plans, get organized now and prepare to take flight later this month.

Much Love and Peace to you and yours.

Strength - Druid Craft Tarot

Compassion, healing, vitality and self respect all come up with this rendition of The

Strength Card. Healing takes time, tenderness and a lot of inner work. Compassion is born from the depths of experience and creates a magnetic strength of character.

Trust the process and find your center. You might find yourself extra sexy this week.

Some hot tea and a hot bath might be on order in the first part of the week. Relax and allow yourself to see how far you’ve come because there’s still quite a ways to go.

The second half of the week the pace will pick up so get ready.

Here we see a powerful woman with a mind and a will of her own. The partially exposed breast lets us know that she’s comfortable with her ability to nurture yet carries a passionate intensity with a fire that’s not easily extinguished.

An unbeatable strength lives in her vulnerability and she shares her heart when she feels understood, seen and respected. Second best isn’t her forte and breadcrumbs certainly aren’t enough. She’s too hungry for that. She brings it all so If that’s what’s on offer she’ll pass and move toward something more nourishing and supportive.

You’ll notice that she’s laid down her sword, she’s already set herself free. She doesn’t want war but she won’t hold back or keep the peace to pacify old patterns or feel the need to justify her own desires.

In relationships there’s power behind her gentleness as we see by the way she places her hand on the wild boar. There’s no need to chain passions or capture people when there’s kindness as well as a healthy discipline at play. The boar can be pretty ferocious so she keeps it in check.

She knows herself and has the courage to go after what she wants. Sometimes we need to be strong enough to stay and sometimes we need to be strong enough to go.

Only you can decide which is right for you.

Here we feel sexy, alive, strong and passionate and not ashamed to ask for what we want. That’s part of life and a large part of the healing process. Whether we get it or not. If we do great, if not we’re able to be disappointed and move on. Now that’s true Strength!

In matters of career and finances the ground is solid and the grass is very green underneath our feet. We’re where we need to be. Seeds planted provide a good harvest. Tenacity coupled with endurance & intelligence give us a fantastic combination for success.

So with the Strength card this week take some time to go within and contemplate what it is that you’re really wanting to achieve.

How far have you come? Where does your passion live? What do you need as compared to what you want? What obstacle would you like to overcome? What resources are required to make that happen?

The reason we ask is because there’s a very big chance of getting what you need this week which will lead to getting what you want. Summon the courage and go after it!

Have a great week.

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