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Temperance - Make a Difference

Temperance - Connolly Tarot

Healing is key with the Temperance card and this lovely lady looks like she’s tired of being patient and waiting for this turnaround to happen.

We’ll do a strong intuitive read on this one.

I feel like this angel is looking at the events going on in the world, in her life or maybe a long, last look at the past. The disappointment is palpable and the deep sadness about the lack of consciousness is wearing on her. The deceit and deception has gone to brand new levels and it needs to stop.

She knows it’s a process and that each step taken forward brings more growth, healing and awareness but it can all seem so unnecessary; the hate, the fear, the ignorance, greed and corruption and most certainly the obvious abuse of power taking place on every level.

I’m drawn to the Sun coming up in the background with the crown emblazoned upon it indicating

it’s time to take up new paths. It’s time to stop ignoring the inspiration to move toward what has passion, heart and meaning. It’s time to come out of the dark and into the light, literally.

It’s time to stand up and speak up.

The environmental concerns take center stage for me as I’m drawn to the mountains and the green grass. It’s time to take action on climate change and if we don’t we’re seriously sabotaging ourselves. That’s the 7 of Swords in the Tarot. Make no mistake it’s deception.

What’s in danger is literally the ground we stand on, where our food comes from and what our houses are built on. The earth is a receptive entity and supports our every action. Why aren’t we supporting her?

It’s not a hoax, it’s a reality which many folks don’t like to see. However, that doesn’t mean that it’s not happening it just means it’s not lining people’s pockets. Although new and clean energy can do just that with some win/win situations.

I love driving through my neighborhood. Why? Because I’m seeing more and more houses with solar panels on them. I see more houses with compost equipment. I see more recycling bins than I do landfill bins. I see more reusable bags going in and out of the grocery store.

It’s an inconvenient truth indeed but a truth nonetheless. That’s consciousness and because we’d rather not deal with something doesn’t mean we don’t have to deal with it. We do.

We all need a place to live and the earth deserves to be respected not drilled into ‘baby’, abused or dumped upon and into.

What I want to say to the naysayers is ‘Go ahead and dump your toxic waste into your own neighborhood and see how that works for you. Let your children, parents, spouses and lovers drink from your tainted perspective (waters) and see how that feels. And when it does seep into your world because of your own actions, who are you going to blame then?’

The Earth SERVES better than this and deserves better than this!

YOU deserve better than this and I deserve better than this!

Here we see an enlightened perspective as indicated by the open crown and the energy stirring above her head and that awareness needs to be shared. Enlightened means to see the light.

There are many organizations already in place making huge strides regardless of the resistance they meet every day. They are wonderful repositories of information and guidance as to the way forward. Here’s a couple that I like.

Friends of the Earth

Center for Biological Diversity

If we don’t begin to do something now, I promise you, we’ll be horribly regretful. And I for one can’t live with myself if I don’t speak up. It’s time, it’s been time.

So with the Temperance card this week ask yourself what areas of healing can you offer? What steps can you take to make a difference and act on what has heart and meaning to you? What small changes can you make that will ripple out into the vast wide open?

How can you use your voice to allow a truth to be known in a way that it can be heard? How can you empower yourself as you bring more consciousness and awareness to humanity and the world at large?

Overall, how can you make a difference in these, oh so very, challenging times?

Have a great week.

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