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The Devil (The Lovers) - Robin Wood Tarot

Hi Folks its the Devil this week! There’s so much to be said about this energy, too much. So I’ve chosen one aspect: relationships, which I believe gets closer to the core and echos outward.

Advice: Hold on tight and choose wisely.

I’ve included two images this week to offer different perspectives and bring clarity to the choice. They offer the same concept from different points of view.

Doing the work to heal the inner divide creates better relationships with yourself and therefore better relationships come along as a result. The whole is healed through this perspective shift. The Lovers.

Which will you choose? The Devil or the Lovers?

Self-Mastery and deeper understanding come from working through the shadow projections. You can shine a light on your darkness and heal or not. Don’t be afraid to look at what ‘Bedevils’ you and really enjoy laughing.

Humor is the cure for so many things especially the ‘crazy land’ that comes with the Devil.

The Devil - Robin Wood Tarot

The key to the Devil lives in seizing the opportunity to break free from the inner chains. See clearly how engaging in power struggles and control dramas can only bring toxicity to your life. Release the strangle hold of fear.

If you let this great divide enter your inner sanctum, your heart or your Soul, you’ll be unpleasantly surprised. The pain that ensues can be beyond measure. Unless of course you’ve worked through your Devil and live the way of the Lovers.

With the Devil there’s a co-dependent vibe that enters relationships. An old friend of mine

once said to me ‘Come on Bec, people either F*** or they fight, you know that.’

I laughed but when it comes to the Devil that’s most certainly true. There’s an addictive quality here and the only way you get ‘turned on’ is when there’s pain involved.

Is it love or hate? Do you love to hate that certain someone? How much time do you spend doing that? How much energy do you waste that could be spent feeling good, productive and constructive instead of feeling bad? Do you like to feel bad? Do you think you deserve that? If so why?

That’s another key.

Really ask yourself why.

With the Devil, the only way of relating or more apt, getting attention, is through chaos, sex, violence, fighting, gossip, being right and putting others down. It’s exhausting and just plain unfulfilling but so very common. And mediocre. That will summon Tower the next card in the Tarot and purge the ego for you.

Insults are slung just to get the last word in as the terrified ego engages war to prove its rightness. It’ll do anything to deny the deeper feelings of pain, loss, heartache, trauma or grief that if engaged and healed will open the door to the most beautiful sense of Self.

With The Lovers we see healing, reciprocity, openness, connection and intimacy. There’s

nothing standing between the masculine and feminine and they’re able to live in harmony, strength and beauty.

You’ll see such exquisite truths you didn’t even think possible with the Devil reversed.

Unleashing your creative energy, your sacred power in the most constructive of ways turns this beast on its head.

Owning the shadow, the darkness, the fear and the anger allows a reclaiming of the brilliance of the Soul as well as some profound truths about life. That’s the gift of the Devil in the Tarot.

That’s the Devil reversed. When it comes to ego, fear, power struggles and negative situations… let that S*** go.

You don’t need it anymore.

Or do you?

Only you can say for sure.

Much Love and have a great week.

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