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The Hierophant Year - 2021 Part 1

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

Astrology: Ruled by Taurus

Numerology: #5 - Major Changes

Qabala: Geburah (Breaking Down/Destructive which balances out overbuilding)

(I’ll be writing more about the Hierophant as we explore different aspects of this energy for the Coming Year 2021/5. This is the first article so bear with me.)

The Hierophant, like many of the cards in the Tarot, can have significantly different definitions depending on the surrounding cards.

For example, in its highest and best dignified sense, The Hierophant is the channel between

those in Spirit and those in the physical having the Human experience. It’s the Spiritual Teacher, Guru or person who offers continuous guidance through the sharing of Spirit.

In its worst sense, it’s the hierarchy that stifles the individuality of the masses demanding

conformity and therefore creating an oppressive environment for all who subscribe to the group mind. Such as the Shadow side of religion.

You’ll notice that this energy is the first of the ‘3’ dynamic. Next comes The Lovers, then The Chariot. So we feel the beginning of the loss of intimacy as we move away from the dynamic poles of the ‘2’ energy into the healing of the fractured self/other condition.

It’s the beginning of choice and free will, which will bring wholeness and healing if we can

think outside of the negative constructs of the Hierophant which are rigidity, silence, conformity, following blindly, fanaticism, approval seeking and fear of missing out (FOMO).

We are then able to move toward freedom of thought, non-conformity and begin to think outside of the necessarily restrictive box created by the Emperor. That’s not saying that we will as a collective, however it opens the door and makes it possible.

Children need boxes to feel safe within and on the flip side, boxes that they can eventually outgrow and then break out of.

Frequently, we have to be pushed by life to leave the proverbial nest or as others say, leave our comfort zone.

I think 2020 has forced all of us to find an inner comfort zone or at least the awareness that our inner worlds may not be that comforting after all. If that’s the case self-love is the work to be done. Our inner worlds create our outer worlds and I will repeat that ad nauseam or until I feel I no longer have to say it.

And maybe that’s the point.

Here we begin the process of acknowledging that we have Free Will (The Lovers) or continuing on with the rote ideas and of the status quo (The Emperor) that claims that it wants individuality yet refuses to step into the uncomfortable uncertainty of the unknown. Discomfort is not abuse, it shows you where you abuse yourself or where your denying your spiritual greatness for the sake of fitting in, going along to get along or being ‘normal’.

The only problem with that is that it will stunt your growth due to lack of inner movement. Not that there’s anything wrong with wanting to be comfortable, most of us are in search of this. It’s the stickiness of being stuck that blocks the flow.

For me every non-conformist needs to know the appropriate times to conform. Chose your battles wisely by making sure it really is your battle. It’s here we begin to approach the differences between religion and spirituality.

We all carry so much religious karma, from other lifetimes, and most of us aren’t even aware of it simply because it’s so deeply engrained in the collective unconscious or even the conscious awareness. It's imbedded in our psyche's awaiting resolution.

The Hierophant represents and stands for the orthodox religious beliefs and caring too much about what others think of us. Reversed it stands for the growth of the soul and spirit, new awareness of deeper truths and breaking free of the limitations of approval seeking.

We’re not able to carry someone else’s karma for them and no-one can carry ours. That’s a false religious belief.

Believe me, I’ve tried. It’s horribly painful and completely ineffective. It holds everyone back from their true challenge, the one that’s perfect for them to take up so they can grow fully into their power.

It's not about 'Saving' or 'Being Saved' it's about growing, evolving and changing.

The best we can do is understand another’s position and view it from a higher perspective. If it’s too much to be around a person with strong karma, send them love and let them be. They’ll work it out, or not, either way it’s not your place to fix them because well, that perspective is just horrible. (The 5 of Wands Reversed)

How would you feel if you were with someone who thought you were so broken that you would need years of fixing to be ‘normal’? Would you feel less then? Would you be inspired and uplifted or would you feel ashamed and ugly?

When we see someone’s God Self we energetically inspire them to be their best simply by holding the vision. If someone doesn’t show their God Self they may not want to or may not be able to do so at the moment.

That doesn’t mean you can’t see it, it means that’s not what they’re working on in the moment. Or maybe it IS the struggle they are working on and that you truly are helpful.

The many years of conditioning by cultural and societal beliefs that we’re unloading is a

huge feat. This is how we evolve as veil upon veil lifts at the right time and in the right way. Life’s beautiful that way. It’s the wisdom in the trees that says ‘let yourself be’ you’ll grow at the right time and in the right way after all your the seed of the Great One.

You’ll know what to do. Meditate. Have a Reading. Consult the Oracle.

But be careful of looking to those who have the same patterns ‘running’ in their subconscious as you do. The mirror effect may just reflect your lack of consciousness by not the opening the necessary void or uncomfortable feelings that’s the necessary salt in the wound. You need the perspective of those who are different from you if you want a well-rounded healing. I don't mean those who don't like you, I mean those who have not had your experiences or those who have healed from them already.

This is what’s shifting this year or at least some of the curves to be dealt with. If we come to the core of the energy we’ll be looking at our own rigid limitations (ie...old boys club, yes women don’t like it but believe in it just the same) and where we refuse to budge only because we’ve always done things this way.

Look deeply at your beliefs and ask how outdated programs running in your psyche are ruling your otherwise lovely kingdom.

Do you believe you’re a victim of circumstances or of life? If so, then your not owning your own part in all of this. We're all feeling a bit worked over by life right now so I mean to a heavy and hard degree.

Yes, many people are victimized by others but it’s what you do with these life experiences that dictates who you are. How do we heal this feeling? (5 of Swords).

Which sums up entering this year with this first question:

Who are you? Or better yet:

Who Am I Now?

Much Love,


P.S. I’ll be writing more about the Hierophant as we explore different aspects of this energy for the Coming Year 2021.

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1 Comment

Jan 04, 2021

I love all the different aspects and elements included in your reading. I love how even tho there’s so many different forms of “understanding” there’s a connection there between it all. From numerology, the cards, astrology, religion, ect. I know it sounds weird but it makes me so happy to know that you exist. To See all the beauty and connections. I started to loose my faith there a little in humanity but knowing there’s like minded ppl out there who “get it” and are here to be that light and help is just so awesome. I haven’t met you yet but I will soon 😉 My sister has told me about you and I’m grateful she’s getting guidance t…

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