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The Queen of Wands - Cultured, Creative and Captivating

Hi Everyone! We continue with our Celebration of the Feminine. It’s so important, now more than ever, to stay focused on the goal, clear in your intentions and strong in our beliefs and connection. This is a time to channel your passions in the right direction and make a difference. The Queen of Wands says ‘go for it’!

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You might find that you can relate to some of the characteristics of each of the Queens. This doesn’t mean that you have Dissociative Identity Disorder (Multiple Personality Disorder), it could mean that your beginning to understand the depth and diversity of your own feminine nature.

You might also find yourself blending your masculine and feminine in ways you’ve never done before. Wonderful. New archetypes are beginning to emerge. The Psyche is shifting. The Goal is being achieved.

The Queen of Wands - Cultured, Creative and Captivating

The Queen of Wands loves the limelight and she can be exquisite to watch. All the world is a stage to her, she’s dramatic and theatrical. She’s a social media queen and delights in the

Legacy of the Divine - Ciro Marchetti

marketing manipulation. She likes to know how people tick and thrives on diversity. Creativity is the trademark of this progressive, fiery witch, leading to an inborn confidence that allows her to shine.

This is Goddesses’ desire to Create and Be Seen.

The Queen of Wands lights up the room with a captivating smile and creative flare. She holds a supreme knowledge of culture and the arts. Gifted and talented there’s not much she can’t do. This is fire sign energy, for me she represents Leo, the Lion, for others it may be Aries or Sagittarius. She’s exquisite when she purrs, she exudes warmth and strength. She’ll captivate you with her regality; at her best she’s a class act all the way. Her courage is admirable.

She can hold her own while throwing dice in a back alley with the boys or involved in political strategy, she’s smart. You could find her running numbers, in backyard brawls, chicken fights, etc.. When Shadow laden, you’ll find if you have a weakness, she’ll be sure to manipulate it. She loves being on the edge, the unknown and the excitement that comes from flirting with danger. Most times she’s smart enough to avoid the real trouble but if she finds herself in a jam she’ll call on favors to get herself out of it.

The Queen of Wands is progressive and powerful and she’s got friends in all kinds of places, high and low. She’s Sexual, Sensual and in Big Cat style she doesn’t mind hunting her prey, she goes

Afro Goddess Tarot - Andra Furlick

after what she wants. Think Tiger, Lion, Cougar all in the bedroom. She’ll let you know with a wink what she wants and if you don’t deliver, she’s on to the next. This powerhouse won’t wait around for you. She doesn’t mind the game, as long as she’s in the power position.

If she’s not in the power position look out! She’s got a huge ego and a roar that’ll rock your world and your social circle, and your social media account. In her Shadow form she leans into ‘attention whore’ instead of charming socialite and this one gets vindictive if she’s not on top. Literally.

There’s a potential for this lovely lady to be on the Narcissism spectrum so keep your eyes open and if in doubt, don’t play. If you cross her it could take a while to get untangled, especially if your in the right! Her self-loathing can rear it’s ugly head at any time and she’ll project that onto anyone around her. She’s dangerous if she’s outshined.

When this occurs you’ll need the management style of the Queen of Pentacles; warm, semi-approachable, determined. She has the resources that bring about a powerful confidence of her own.

The Queen of Pentacles can ground the Queen of Wands and talk some sense into her when she’s all ablaze. Whereas the Queen of Cups’ emotional nature can just douse the fire of inspiration and the Queen of Swords’ airy nature can stoke her into an unmanageable blaze.

But given the right dose of each, they can also make wonderful friends! Don’t dismiss this, remember, she loves friends, community, creativity, good food, good music and great sex. She’s vibrantly alive and was born to Act.

She gets involved.

After all, imagine the DRAMA this group brings. Yes, think Drama Queen; Drag Queen all dressed for show. Sashay anyone? ‘Oh, Hell Yes’ says the Queen of Wands in her best RuPaul. Cat fight? For sure!

Druid Craft Tarot - Philip Carr Gomm

As with all the Queens there’s a light and dark to this magnetic, fiery person.

The advice that comes with the Queen of Wands is ‘Let Your Soul Shine’ and practice your craft. Work diligently, be curious and most of all improve your confidence. Trust your creative fire and go after what you want.

The Work to be done is to unearth and to refine your inborn creative intelligence and talents.

Get lost in the all-day projects so you can get out of your head and into your Soul. Seek the inner fire and stoke it with desire, movement and action.

Clairvoyance is the visionary quality that allows us to dream ourselves into a new reality and the Queen of Wands is just the person to lead us there.

Much Love,


Rebecca is a Spiritual Mentor, Professional Tarot Card Reader, Medium, Reiki Master & Teacher & Meditation/Shamanic Drum Facilitator. She’s been practicing professionally since 2002 and is proud to be working in collaboration with so many gifted and talented professionals in the Pittsburgh area. Rebecca resides and works on the East End with her zen master and therapy cat Sampson. For more information go to

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