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Transformation/Death - Osho Zen Tarot

Transformation means changing shape. When I think of changing shape I think of the sculptor with the clay, the woman pregnant with child, engaging the soul satisfying yoga, working out at the gym and many other forms of physical manipulation.

The changes ARE challenging because you’ve consciously decided to challenge yourself. Maybe you’re engaging new perspectives, friendships, lovers or relationships and they’re having an effect on you. This is a necessary part of the self-discovery/growth process. That’s how we evolve. Remember what’s really happening is self-discovery, growth and feeling good.

Energy changes first and then your outer world shifts to align with that fresh, new perspective. It’s your soul meeting life in a new way and hopefully one that’s more fulfilling, growth producing,

understanding and well, satisfying then previous endeavors. Making decisions allows this to happen.

After all that’s why we engage the new because the old is over, not that it didn’t work. Just because something didn’t last doesn’t mean it didn’t work. It was attempting to teach you what you need to learn about yourself and how you interact with that self, as well as others.

Who are you now as compared to who you were 1 year ago, 5 years ago or even 9 years ago? What are the goals of the new endeavors? What old shape are you molding into a new creation? Do you realize that you are the clay and your divinity the sculptor? Do you know how powerful of a creator you really are?

Overlaying old situations onto new people, or what we call ‘projecting’, or collecting people and keeping them on hold can only complicate matters. That’s why it’s best that nobody ‘wait’ for someone else. That’s Death reversed. If the time isn’t right, it just isn’t right.

Priorities are priorities and we all need to make the choices that are best for ourselves. This doesn’t mean we don’t care or aren’t interested it means that to keep the energy flowing things need to be balanced and fair and for that to happen we need to keep moving. It’s okay to be passionate and fired up about what you want to create that comes with the territory. It’s also the best way to manifest.

As is a common theme with the Death card you’ll want to release any kind of vice grip your applying and allow situations to be what they are. This way everyone grows into their new directions and is less encumbered by the limiting restrictions of unnecessary burdens.

So with the Transformation/Death card this week the message is to let go of old perspectives and let life guide you forward. Make yourself your own priority and allow your soul and spirit to soar. Let the best parts of yourself shine through. Sans the judgment and guilt, you’ll see that all of life is about changing and it loves you just as the sun loves the sky and the ocean loves the earth.

Do your best not to see through the dark tunnel vision of the past but to see the kaleidoscope of colors that are surrounding you in every way and every day. Hear the rhythm of life pulsing through you eager for it’s expression. Only you can do you in the way that you were meant to.

Let yourself change, grow, learn, express and move on. That’s truly what Death and Transformation are about. No need to make your change a nightmare when in fact you are the most wonderful dream of the One on Most High; the ultimate Magician, The Creator and the most tender of Love Makers.

Have a great week.

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