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Wheel of Fortune: Healing Changes

Updated: Jul 16, 2019

The Wheel of Fortune - Change

Osho Zen Tarot

The Wheel of Fortune is about growth, new cycles, energy flow and change. This could be monumental change in the way of not repeating old patterns. Where the Hermit is a card of going within, maybe to revisit the past to reconcile old problems the Wheel propels you forward and very quickly to boot. As soon as you decide that the past is over Universal energy engages that and away you go! New people, new job offers, new relationships, cars and homes are all involved with the Wheel right way up. Release anything that holds you back, including internal restrictions if you don’t it could get pretty painful.

The most potent way of working with the Wheel is to stay in your center and don’t allow life

and the chaos of change to toss you around all willy-nilly. Hold to your inner awareness and your truth as you expand your horizons. With some practice you can do this and then watch your feelings of empowerment grow exponentially. The Wheel of Fortune as an energy relates to the solar plexus so core exercises are a wonderful way to strengthen your tenacity & resilience.

I’m feeling this card from the inside out and I believe that’s how life works. The Universe is reflective and we draw to us what it is that we want, need and fear. The Yin/Yang is the balance of the inner opposites, light & dark and masculine & feminine. If we’re wise we continue to work with it the best way we know how. Self and Other, Me and You, I and We relationships are never ending lessons and the tension is where the growth is.

The Triangle, given its shape, has always represented feeling connected to the earth for me. Grounded in a powerful sense and therefore able to open to high-level energies safely. Grounding is a powerful protection technique because it’s being ungrounded and confused that draws the trouble.

The color purple relates to the awareness of your Spiritual Royalty. The triangle encompasses yet doesn’t restrict your inner world in a beautiful manner. Color therapy is a simple yet powerful way to work with energy and generate movement.

The next layer feels like electricity with a lot of movement being generated. At the same time it’s elegantly contained by the energy of the colors themselves. Flowing and moving to places that it needs to go. This has it’s own intelligence. Let’s call this organized chaos and Energy Work.

Moving on to the next step we have the Hexagrams of the IChing as they work with society and the natural world as well as our Divinity. They feel like the anchor, again a grounding energy, before expanding even further outwardly to the Astrological signs and the Lotus flower representing our ability to understand and to truly open to the cosmos, to life and all that it has to offer.

Underlying all of this is the Tarot and in one simple card and it’s symbolism we find so many healing modalities. As agents of change these tools and techniques support growth and development each coming from different angles yet promoting awareness just the same!

Remember each of us are these magnificent spinning wheels of energy hurtling through space on yet another magnificent spinning wheel of energy, the Earth. It’s all alive, it’s all moving and it’s all connected. Our new cycles will show us evidence of this as we become more and more conscious and more and more willing to release the old and welcome the new.

Have a Great Week.

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